PS3 – Plan and Roll Call

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Uncle Sam

Good evening everybody. I hope you are well.

This has been quite a tough month personally for me and possibly many of us on PS3. (almost) everybody has left us in the PS3 wilderness and one of our most trusted and indeed coolest people in the crew has decided to move on which has left us in a slight quandary.

Thankfully I had what the cool kids call a “good talk” with Grody last night and we have decided that its time to fight back and not let the PS3 side of things fall by the wayside. I have discussed this somewhat in past posts on here but for us to continue to exist and flourish on PS3 we are going to need a bit of help.

Currently we have a few stalwarts of the last generation floating around like ghosts in the PS3 wasteland. Thankfully these are not just random people we have never seen before, people like myself and Grody, Cheesy and AJ, Minty and a good few more (please excuse me if I have left you out, its just an example and not the main crux of my post!). This is a solid base to work from with some truly great people.

But we need more.

Much more….

I look every night online and there are a handful of people around who I have met and spoke to a bit but have never fully interacted with. We need these people first of all. Im talking to the muscle and newly promoted reps who are still on PS3. We need more interaction with you and will be doing everything in our power to make it happen. So dont be shocked to get some PMs or PSN messages from us asking how you are, and no doubt some requests to join us on skype.

But that part is academic really. We all know thats going to happen. So here is the point of my post…we need help. We need numbers.

Now the numbers are out there. Lobbies are still full and there will be people getting either a PS3 or GTAV for PS3 for Christmas. Its a big world out there and not everybody will be jumping straight to 30 people mayhem or shiny new graphics. Some people are happy to stick with their rusty/trusty old PS3s. yes we are the hipsters of the gaming world. So what I will need from all our PS3 crew members is to keep an eye out in the lobbies, and if you see a female avatar running around send them a message! See if they want to join the best crew ever. Tell them about us and get them to request to join us! We need them, they need us. Dont be scared if the person already has a crew. Crews will have been decimated lately on PS3. They may just be wandering aimlessly around with a crew tag and no crew. Bring them into the fold!

This week I shall be starting a campaign on a GTA forum to see if we can entice any new PS3 members into our ranks. Now we need to be realistic and say that we will never fully get back what we had. We wont have tons of people in our PS3 crew struggling to join each other on servers. What I do hope we get is a solid base of players who are on a lot and become close friends in GTAV who have each others backs. A bit like the Xbox crew. Numbers for them were not massive but they seemed to have a close knit community who were there for each other.

So I am asking, begging even for anybody reading this to do something for the good of the crew. Be proactive, get people to join us and reap the rewards.

From a personal level I am actually getting a PS4 for Christmas. But for the time being I wont be getting GTAV for it. Obviously one day I will and I hope that everyone is still online causing havoc and will welcome me with open arms. But for now, and this may sound a bit sad as its only a game, but I straight up refuse to leave people behind. I hate the thought of Grody wandering around LS on her own, or Cheesy and AJ just driving around together with nothing to do. I dont like the thought of new players joining the PS3 ranks hearing what great stuff we do, seeing our numbers and then seeing there is nobody online for them to play with. Or for Blondie to decide to return only to see that there are 3 Crew members online who she has never seen before and all of them are stupid male avatars. I properly hate the idea. So pardon my french here but I aint fucking having it!

So for now, and for the foreseeable future im making it my mission to keep the PS3 going along with Grody and Minty (and hopefully others who I havnt had the chance to talk to yet) and hopefully with many more people who will step up with us.

One thing I do need more than anything right now though is a roll call (the clue was in the title really…) Currently I dont actually know who is staying on PS3 for the foreseeable future. So if you are reading this but never comment etc, please this time just comment, PM, PSN us etc let us know you are with us, lets us know what we can do to help you and go wild trying to get us some new people to hang with.

Thats all I have to say really. As I said I will have a PS4 soon and I will indeed be adding a lot of you on my list there as I class many of you as proper friends and would like to play stuff with you in future. But as for GTAV, im strictly PS3 for as long as its viable to be, and hopefully thats going to be a long time, and then eventually, one day, we will all end up in Next Gen land. But for now, I am not leaving anybody behind.

We can do this.

We WILL do this.

Why? Because we are Pussi Riot and we are fucking awesome!


One thought on “PS3 – Plan and Roll Call

  1. Count me in for some playstation 3 fun and frolics, apologies Barns the ps4 & my new job have meant I have been a lil out of touch, I will make the effort sooner rather than later, I’m back!!!

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