PS4 – Xmas Party Review

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Oh What a night!

It’s been nearly a year now since I first set foot on the seedy streets of Los Santos to play GTA Online. In that time I’ve got some wonderful memories and have had some great sessions. But I want to go on record and say that the 2014 PS4 Pussi Riot Xmas Party was the most fun I’ve ever had whilst playing the game.

In a way it was like a return to our parties of old because we were all able to play together in one lobby throughout the night which from a party planners point of view is a godsend as we didn’t have to deal with communication breakdowns and lobby imbalance BS. However it wasn’t this that made the party great, no my dears what made this party the best was down to one thing – Pure Xmas Magic!

Sure we had the usual niggles: – R* servers doing their damnedest to keep us apart – We had Gaga been unable to join the ultra cool TDM playlist she had created, Backof been unable to join the superb race playlist that Jenpab had created, and yours truly been repeatedly kicked offline when all I wanted to do was drive up to the Playboy Mansion to take some group pics. But we didn’t let any of that get in the way of us having a brill night.

The party kicked off in my pad as planned where you lovely gals arrived one by one until I had something like twenty or so rioters all getting drunk, tooting on my bong and generally making a right mess. What Consuela my maid will make of the state of the gaff in the morning I shudder to think. I’ll just give her Banksy’s number and let them take the rap I reckon :-p

scubas pad

Once we had everyone who was online at the time in the lobby I went to get my bus from the depot and Barns went to get hers which we proceeded to fill with rioters. We then had a little race up the freeway to the Yellow Jack pub in Sandy Shores. Surprisingly no one blew up either bus en route although MissyVee admitted she was severely tempted.

bus journey

The regulars at the bar literally did not know what hit them upon our arrival. It was quite a sight as a bunch of rowdy girls all dressed in silly Xmas garb filled the tiny bar and started getting wasted, put our tunes on the jukebox, had a game of darts and broke the venues no smoking policy. Inevitably a few of the regular hicks were not best impressed with our presence and some fisticuffs ensued.


VintageSecrets (MissyVee) then hosted the first playlist of the evening which was the TDM list that Gaga had put together. Sadly as I already mentioned Gaga herself was not able to join in but the list was quite short so we were all able to return to her quite quickly and carry on with our festive shenanigans.

We then got dressed up in Festive Swimwear and made a move to the Playboy Mansion once I’d sorted out been repeatedly kicked out by the server where we had some group photos taken with the bunnies and millionaire glitterati.

Playboy Mansion

Jenpab then launched their excellent race playlist which they’d painstakingly put together to take a maximum of 30 players. At this point I think I’m right in saying we had about 21 players racing against each other which although wasn’t the full capacity was still enough to make the entire list one hell of a hair raising experience. Quite a few of these races were Jenpab’s own creations which they’d made especially for this event so kudos to them for doing some sterling work.

I also have to make a special note of the silly banter that was going down throughout the evening but especially at this point as Gaga was cracking everyone up on Skype and the banter over mic had become hilarious too, especially when we all decided that coming last was the new first :-p

Next we all made our way down to the Vanilla Unicorn for a few more drinkies and to cause a little bit of festive mayhem both inside and outside of the club. And yes folks it was I, your humble commish that shot that pesky barmaid who kept telling me I’d had enough to drink without realising it was Scuba she was talking to!

VU rain

At this point there were whispers of snow but no one believed it as there was no sign of it when we took to the streets to vent our frustrations on the cops. Time was ticking so I decided to pass on the Manhunt for the evening and move on.

It was now my turn to launch the ‘Crazy’ Playlist I’d put together for the party. I don’t wish to sound immodest but it was at this point that the real magic started to happen. The loading screen for the first job which was Binchen’s hilarious Cross Country race came into focus and no one could believe what they saw in front of their eyes. The tractor which was gloriously detailed with next gen glory was covered in……………………………………………………


There was a huge yelp of euphoria coming coming from all angles as everyone had realised that their Xmas dreams had come true and that for once R* had given us the one thing we all wanted for Xmas – Snow at the Pussi Riot Crew Party. It was so beautiful to see the ploughed fields of the Grapeseed farm covered in a white blanket as 17 tractors span around firing rockets at each other. This was a true Pussi Riot Classic moment to treasure for ever!

Next was my own personal highlight of the evening – one of my favourite races Goliath2 had been transformed from been simply a great exciting race into possibly the single greatest gaming experience I’ve ever had as it looked exactly like a driving scene from The Dark Knight as we tore through the city into the military base then on to the prison whilst been chased by cops. It was pure magic!!!

We went on to do some other crazy races after that all which had taken on board a new dimension as it meant our vehicles were a lot harder to control than normal and caused some major skidding hilarity.

I think Project Tofu summed up the mood the best at this point as they commented that they had never heard so much giggling whilst playing GTA before πŸ™‚

Once the playlist was over the fun continued as we all began to have hilarious snow ball fights around the Xmas tree in Legion Square. The cops obviously didn’t take too kindly to been pelted in the face and so began yet another hilarious battle.

BC Snowball

It was getting very late by then and our numbers had dwindled considerably. So to finish off Backof launched their brilliant Capture – Party for your Right to Fight. Again this was absolutely brilliant fun in the snow especially the part where we have to parachute into the middle of the crime scene to grab one of the bags.

And that is more or less where it ended. Myself, Jenpap and Waterboy did a few more races as basically we didn’t want the night to stop but eventually fatigue got the better of us and we wrapped it up.

All in all though – Wow – what a night and I’d like to thank my good friends MissyVee, Jenpab, Gaga, Waterboy, Stardust, and BinchenChaos for helping out. I love ya all!


Scuba πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “PS4 – Xmas Party Review

  1. Was an epic night, gutted I missed out on the snow, me & Barns left just before midnight, my fault, I had to be up for work at 4pm, see ya’ll at the ps3 party on the 29th I hope πŸ™‚

  2. Brilliant recap, the moment we saw the snow at first is one I won’t forget. Good times thanks for helping make the holiday fun!

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