The legend that is Blondie

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You know, as a Rioter who blogs an awful lot on here, there are many times where I will post something that ends up being a waste of time (golf for example…..) and usually that annoys me. However in the case of this post I am hoping that it will be the biggest waste of time I have ever had the pleasure (or displeasure, I dont know.) to post.

The reason why is simple. This post is a tribute to our much loved, respected and above all else missed Commissioner Blondie.

I guess technically she is not our Commissioner right now. But lets face it, she always will be.

Some of you may be aware that Blondie is the reason I am here in this crew. It was her post on the GTA Forums that tempted me to join this illustrious crew even if she did get told off for bumping the thread topic, I ignored that transgression and the ball was rolling! If it wasnt for Blondie I would probably still be sat on top of (insert name of building here) sniping people or driving around in formation with an Irish biker gang (so not me, is it?)



Our first meeting

Now it would be nice if I could say here that Blondie was the first person I saw online from the crew but that would be a lie as it was geo_trd. But she was one of the first ones along with Hurri, Randy and Albertini and I was instantly hooked as we hung around the LS airport just generally being stupid. I liked how every character I met from the crew had a personality. Randy was the bad ass, Albertini was the elegant one, and then as i saw Blondie falling over she was instantly tagged by me as the funny one.


Blondie doing the worm for all our amusement….

From there she was the first person to message me on Social Club, commending me on my first ever blog post.


Im not sure if I have a “gift for it” or not, I just wiggle my fingers and words appear in the screen! But her words did give me the confidence to go a bit crazy on the blog and I started to become a regular contributor. See that is one of the main contributions Blondie made to this crew. She didnt just put the work in herself, she made others step up their game with kind words of encouragement and in a crew this large and active, where things can get lost in the shuffle a bit of recognition and a “hey I read that and liked it” type of comment is vital. So if you have ever enjoyed any of my blog work on here then Blondie is the main reason as to why you did!

From there we hung around and batted ideas between each other. She was usually my go to person when it came to logging in online and choosing the “join friend” option as I always knew she would be involved in something with a bunch of others. She would always, without fail,  travel across the map to welcome you too which felt nice.  And then the Nurburgring race event was announced. I needed a partner. Someone who I could rely on. And so I made the offer to Blondie to form team Muhdarus (pronounced Murderous). Her response was typical.


To be honest…yes I did know she sucked at racing! I didnt care. As I said I needed someone I could rely on and who would look sexy in orange! We didnt do too badly either as we qualified for the final. This race to me will always go down as the greatest race event in Pussi Riot history. For me it was when we were at the height of fun.

After this time real life stuff got in the way of things. We had some pretty cool plans like a PR comic strip for which we again batted some fun ideas around with each other. Hopefully one day these will come to fruition. We shall see. The ideas are still saved somewhere so you never know.

We became golf partners and BATTERED our opponents. Well Ok we didnt batter them. Blondie herself beat them though, I was terrible! So seeing as we were one of only two teams to complete a match I am stating right now that Team Muhdarus are the golf champions of Pussi Riot and indeed the world!

Beyond that she formed the Party planning organization for PS3 crew parties. and what an awesome team she formed with me, Scuba, Grody, Gaga and Binchen. Sadly it didnt last too long as the Next Gen onslaught was coming but for the 2 months we all worked together I like to think that we did some pretty fantastic stuff to entertain you all, and most of that was down to Blondies organizational skills.

Other than the party committee the last big thing we did was the debut of my chat show to commemorate the one year anniversary of Pussi Riot. And along with backof we worked HARD on that one. But it was always fun. Constant updates on the blog went into it, we got a great insight into how Pussi Riot started and why its been so successful. I think the chat show was my crowning achievement when it comes to the crew and none of it would have been possible without hard work and going back to the opening of this blog post, without those words of encouragement at the start of my Riot career none of this would have happened.

Episode one of Molly’s Chat Show can be found here

Without her efforts the fantastic crew parties we have on all platforms now wouldnt have been the way they are nowadays as she always raised the bar for us. We wouldnt be skyping to each other as it was her who decided we need a platform to talk to each other in a more productive manner and if it wasnt for her friendly manner in welcoming people a lot of us may not be here to this day.

Its incredibly shit (for want of a better, more poetic term!) that she isnt around in the crew anymore. This crew will always be awesome, we have a tremendous amount of people with talent and work rate on here who always step up but without Blondie in our ranks something will always be missing. It doesnt make the crew any worse as such, it just feels…different.

So to go back to my opening line, I really do hope this post is a waste of time and that one day she returns with her big stupid dominator to entertain us once more. At that point I would be more than happy to say this post was a waste as it feels like somewhat of a eulogy!


The Beast (The Dominator, not Blondie…)

But it is what it is. I respect her decision and suggest you all do the same yet hope that she does return at some point. Either way I fully intend to keep in touch with her because it has come to a point with me in this game that the crew and the real life people involved in it are bigger than the game itself. I dont care about the pixels I care about the people behind the screen now. And that goes for all of you.

I am sure she will take away great memories from this place too. And whether she is sorting out stuff in real life or slaying dragons elsewhere ( in games…but knowing her, in real life too!)

So if you will allow me to indulge myself, here are some of Blondies best creations, some photos that capture her essence and some great memories that will never go away no matter what.


Blondie going bald for cancer awareness


Blondie finally getting her nasal hair trimmed. 


Looking pensive at the most inopportune time


Who didn’t see that coming…


Parking was never her strong point…


But she does indeed rock


Indiana Jones and the stupidly large weapon of doom.

legally blond



Blondie in Wonderland

A truly bizarre collection of games based on Alice in Wonderland. The Wonderland Bike Trip is one of the coolest creations I have ever played.

Better Late Than Never

A classic race. The first creation I ever played in GTAV and still one of the best.

Last House on the Left

A massive fight by the lighthouse. What more could you want?


Blondies Lifeinvader profile

So please, lets all raise a glass of whatever you are drinking (if you dont have a drink go an get one. Ill wait….you got one now? Good…) and lets celebrate the (wo)man, the myth and indeed the absolute legend that is Blondarus! I am sure I speak for many when I say thank you for everything you have done for us and no matter of you return to us or not, you will never be forgotten at Pussi Riot.

Three cheers for Blondie!

Is it just me or is it a bit dusty in here…. I seem to have something in my eye…..




9 thoughts on “The legend that is Blondie

  1. That was a nice read. I never got to play with her you know with us being on different platforms but she was always so nice on the SC and her blog posts were hilarious. I hope everything’s okay with her in real life and maybe one day she will come back but untill then she’s in my thoughts 🙂 (and just incase anything is wrong in real life I’ll add her into my prayers)

  2. I swear I was killed by some high ranking girl named x Albertini x tonight. Seriously. I reported her. She was in god mode. Did she have an x and stuff before and after her name? If so thats a crazy coincidence! And she now feeds on Pussi blood. Wait! What?

  3. Btw, your show was amazing. All the great insight from influential rioters, the laughter, the tears! Please do another one! Please! Please!

    • Ha yeah our Albertini very rarely comes out of passive mode let alone kills her own crew! One of the more peaceful Rioters around.

  4. Yeah I it was someone else. I realized I’m actually friends with Albertini1980. That must be our girl. I never see her though.

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