Meet Queen Cleo…

 Cleopatría Leone. ♥

Queen Cleo

A Queen was born… May 4th 1992.

Place of birth… Sierra Leone under its pink warm skies.

Youth of heir… 21 years.

Current location: Queen resides in the slums of… Los Santos (pricey $80,000 apartment)

CONS: roof leaks when it rains, tv reception is useless, cold showers have become frequent, room buzzer has a shortage & its speaker box produces static only.
PROS: clothing store, gas station, ammu-nation is all very convenient & the closest mod shop is only 2.63mi away!

Relation status: Queen still waits on hands & knees for her king… that is until the sun goes down.

Sex: Queen…….*clears throat* Jezebel does it all for a dozen of Rusty’s cherry-filled doughnuts!

Occupation: Anything that pays. I mean ANYTHING! *winks*

Likes: Speaking in 3rd person, Dressing sophisticated after Jezebel’s degrading long shifts in & out the club, Sticky bombs & Leggings.

Dislikes: Bar girl, Fufu & Sapphire at Vanilla Unicorn, Long lines at Del Perro Pier carnival grounds, & people that thinks it okay to air thrust others vehicles. (Bad experience, I’ll explain later)

Looking for: A Pomeranian pup, free whiskey, one nighter with a hot gal or gent, psychiatrist, fat doobie, & loyal ol friend that lies to me saying that I’m perfect in every way possible.

Expertise: Dominating peasants with sticky bombs, Depositing my other money before Martin Madrazo goons come after me for failing that one mission, Running red lights, umm…

Alias: Cleopatra, Cleo, Queen, Queenie, Jezebel.

Hope I didn’t get a little too carried away with the brief BIO. (If I did, sorry.) I’m a bit of a chatter box. Now to the backstory…


♥ Cleopatría, ME, was not always who I am today. See, at 18 I was banned from my birth place for not being married to King Hercules and my sister instead got him first. (what a slut!!) So I moved to Los Santos in hopes of starting over with a new path of life before me.
♥ Okay the first part is a lie, I forgot to mention I’m a bit of a dreamer. I wish it was that drama-filled but…its not. I left Sierra Leone on my own, changed my name, & developed an alter ego at 18. I was really unhappy with life, you know in search of who “I really am” crap & wanted a really bad fresh start, hopefully to steer me in the right direction. *pppfff* So what place is better to achieve such a goal than in Los Santos?
♥ I first started randomly ripping off them non-gas selling stations, that was addicting. Blowing the brains out of the store clerk. *evil laugh* Grinding missions solo majority of the time, which I thought was best for me; y’know not being a people person and everything. I found that people in Los Santos can be total douches! Until I came upon the sweet aroma of the Pussi Riot. It was love at first sight, seriously! One of the first Pussi Rioter I played with was x_MARILLION_x we had a time worth while. All those times of what seemed to be endless Survival waves *whew* & a few races we did together was FUN! Then there was the Social Club experience, very nice vibes! So welcoming and I knew from then I was here to stay.
♥ Jezebel is my alter ego/split persona that I love to blame for the disgusting, slutty things I do! I enjoy not taking on those type of responsibilities, I have an image to uphold. She was developed one night when confronted by Trevor Phillips at the Vanilla Unicorn. This is exactly what happened:

Trevor: “Look you 2cent whore! You work for me now!” *slaps my butt*
Me: *heavily intoxicated* *burps*
Trevor: “Yeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! That’s it baby!! Now you meet me behind the club in 5.”

♥ That was it. Jezebel found Trevor strangely attractive that night & allowed him to take advantage of her while actually enjoying it. Turned her out. Happens to all naive young girls that want to be something in life. I adopted signature clothing for her, my favorite was the bikini tops (exposing that sexy tramp stamp) She fits the description of:

  • bikini tops and leggings
  • bikini tops and mini skirts
  • anything animal printed
  • strappy high heels
  • big framed sunglasses
  • red auburn colored hair (VERY IMPORTANT)

♥ Be on the look out for these things. Pay attention to these details. Queen doesn’t like it very well when people mistake the two. Which leads to the situation on why I dislike ignorant peasants air thrusting my cars. (This may not happen to everyone, but for Jezebel this is frequent, in which she loves these things but Queen does NOT!) I decided to treat myself to some high-end clothing from PONSONBYS, besides Jezebel’s slutty, stained, discounted clothes. I admit, I have a bit of a shopping problem and take a few hours to choose an outfit, BUT there come this one guy that I couldn’t help but notice was air thrusting my car very forceful when I was shopping. (You’re a sick individual, stains didn’t come off, had to get a new paint job. You should see a doctor.)

♥ After 3 years, I’ve grown to love this lifestyle actually. Its about FREEDOM! Who doesn’t love the freedom of blowing up your next door neighbor’s uninsured vehicle because they call you a slutbag after watching different men come and go from your apartment after hours? or robbing a gas station that DOESN’T EVEN SELL GAS but only snacks, beer, and cigarettes? Oh, I LOVE IT!

♥ I think its safe to say that I’m just a very “complex” individual. There’s so much more I would love to cover, but I think that sums it up. My fingers are cramped and Jezebel’s shift is about to start. TTYL.