Those days are still etched into my mind.  A dangerous, emotionless, reckless racer owned the aptly named “Drag Kings” section of the city.

The previous corner, someone had stopped yet again, and had set up shop, getting ready to shoot down the driver finishing yet another lap.  The driver could have (and on many occasions did), clip the shooter with an uzi, but with second and third place closing in, the driver dropped a grenade out of the window, rounding the bend.  The shooter had no idea they were running into an explosive.  As the first grenade went off, blowing the shooter back into the gas station, the driver had already pulled the pin on a second grenade and held it, as second place also pulled their gun and began to fire upon the driver.

Wrong move.

The beeping noise became more rapid before the driver dropped it out onto the road, blowing second place into the next world, also providing a road block that third place crashed into.  For the last lap, the driver was, yet again, free to blast down the straight away…Buzzed.  Way buzzed.  Off of a mixture of coors light and kush, Bullet to Blue Skies vibrating through the driver’s eardrums, engine roaring, the blue skies themselves became a blur overhead, as the speed increased moment to moment.  The driver almost hoped someone else would become the next victim before producing yet another gta race win…

Previously my go-to game was GTA 4, specifically the GTA races.  Beyond that I was a religious Forza/Gran Tourismo player, and a Half Life game called “The Specialists”, which I spent years playing.

From this background mixture of kush, coors, cars, and golden colts (The Specialists) came Cheetah.

She was the first, dressed in black and cheetah patterns.  She was as distracting as she was quick.  The goal was to become a supreme racer in the GTA Online racing scene.  Every car that was ever bought was dipped in her signature green color and gold wheels, paying homage to the Ducks (her college days).

After reaching level 125 and maxing out all of the cars she owned, a prodigy emerged.


Recklesss emerged, often wearing camo green and yellow, honoring her mentor, who really paved the way for her to be the force that she is.  Her success quickly led her to buy a third property, making her twenty cars almost insufficient for her needs.  Suddenly two fully tuned super cars were not enough.  Suddenly two classic motorsport cars were not enough.  Three muscle cars were not enough.  Four motorcycles were not enough.

Furthermore, Recklesss‘ need for perfection yielded her to mess with the tuning set ups of many of her cars, switching from turbo to NA aspiration and back quickly, spending countless hours and cash tweeking, refining, building.

Seeing her ambitions, Cheetah retired, and liquidated all of her assets to Recklesss, who continues to build to this day.  Recklesss feeds off of adversity, almost hoping racers will try to find alternative or even dirty ways of beating her.  These challenges present new and interesting obstacles for Recklesss to overcome.

Rain, sleet, snow, hellfire, stock, modded, catchup, no catchup, slipstream, whatever.  Race Recklesss and see what happens to you.

Working her third garage, you will see her in the streets.  You will see mostly taillights, unless you are prepared to reap the wrath.

Come get me.

  • Name: RecklessS13
  • Birthday: 04-04-83
  • Relationship Status: My cars are my kids
  • Sex: Whoa there, we just met
  • Interests: Anything quick, I am interested in driving
  • Religious Views: My Gods have names like Schumacher and Senna
  • Political Views:  My political parties involve thinks you drink and smoke
  • About: about to bring the ruckus
  • Platform: Xbox One

2 thoughts on “Recklesss…

  1. I am in the Specialists trailer at :40 as well, getting the shit kicked out of me (not my best moment, I admit). The player who made the trailer picked up Kung Fu powerup (that silver spinning kick man) which makes your kung fu almost as powerful as your guns. When he turns around, he uses “slow pause” on me, which basically renders me motionless, and then he uses his kung fu on me while I am trying to get off of the ground =/ was an excellent game, there hasn’t one been made after it (it was similar to Action Half Life and Opera way back in the day).

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