PS3 – January Crew Party Announcement

It’s that time again and boy oh boy have we got one in the oven for you!


(Hey put a little music on will ya)

This month we’re trying something new. Rather than going with a load of themed mayhem and insanity, we’re going with a plot… and mayhem and insanity.

By now you can probably tell what plot we’re going with. In light of all the classic movies getting unnecessary sequels, we’re doing the long overdue Police Academy 8!

Okay first off, PS4ers don’t fret! We’ve moved the date of the PS3 party to be the day after yours. We thought it wouldn’t be fair if you gals didn’t have a proper party this month *wink wink* The date and time of the party are Saturday the 31st at 21:00 GMT.

Over the next few weeks we’ll keep you informed on plot development. It is of great importance that you read those posts, as each job’s plot won’t be included in the in-game job descriptions.


The plot thickens…

Due to a shortage of police officers *whistles in innocence*, the newly elected mayor of Los Santos has announced a policy requiring the police department to accept all willing recruits, effectively abolishing fitness requirements, educational levels, and medical standards.

In the next 14 weeks/minutes you will be trained at the Police Academy located at the University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA) Courses will include PE, shooting and advanced driving in decommissioned police cars (Staniers)

When your training is complete, you will be split into two groups and assigned to two run-down precincts, one on Mission Row and one in Vespucci.

In this city full of gangsters, starlets and other degenerates, it’s hard not to succumb to the almighty dollar. It won’t be long before one precinct goes corrupt (Vespucci) while the other maintains it’s good ethics (Mission Row). Which method will prevail in the end… is up to you.


Party Details:

  • The party will take place on Saturday the 31st at 21:00 GMT.
  • The meeting point is at the ULSA. We’ll start off with a photo shoot of us in uniform and a few police cars.
  • After the playlists we will do manhunts. The host will place a bounty on someone. That person then gets a 5 minute head start. Whoever kills the hunted places a bounty on someone else, then the whole thing repeats.
  • PS4 players (or any rioter who owns a PS3 for that matter) are more than welcome to join in on the fun.
  • The party is inspired by the Police Academy film series. If you haven’t seen them already, we strongly recommend that you do, the first three at least. Trust us, the others aren’t that good.
  • We will all wear a uniform:
    • Black team pants
    • Black team swear OR LC Penetrators racerback (for a sleeveless version)
    • Standard armor (inventory > body armor > show armor > standard armor)
    • Aviators optional
  • The first playlist (the training) is free for all. The second playlist (the two precinct good cop bad cop story) is teams based.
  • Make sure you read the plot. It’s not even half the fun if you don’t know what’s going on.
  • Any further questions, contact one of the reps listed below.

The Reps:

  • Muhmuhhuh
  • Mniscus (xMINTYFRESHx)
  • Grody-to-the-max (raxo-d)

Join the gang on PSNPussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog


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