The Skype’s the Limit


skypeGood evening everybody, I trust you are well?

I have been meaning to make this post for a while but have never really got round to it. But now is as good a time as any. Please, for those who have yet to join the Pussi Riot chat revolution, let me attempt to convince you, are even just make you aware of, the beauty of Skype when it comes to Crew sessions.

Now as a member of both the PS3 and PS4 fraternity on GTA V I am beginning to realise just how hard a task it is to keep up to date with everybody as well as trying to organize anything.

As with most team games, communication is vital and we have tried to keep in touch on PSN but its glacier slow at times. Especially on PS3 as you have to go out into your dashboard, read a message or crew chat and whilst hanging with some of our, how shall I say, trigger happy crew members this can be incredibly dangerous for me as I am trying to talk to and welcome in a lot of new crew members (which are going to be vital for our future growth) via the old style methods yet this is hard whilst being shot in the face by an overzealous police officer (this is before even taking into account real life users roaming the streets!)

From a personal level I am also finding a lot of my enjoyment being somewhat squashed under the mountains of PSN messages, friend requests and invites that I am having to send all the time along with trying to figure out and help people who are having connection issues. Its a task I dont mind doing as its for the betterment of the crew but there are ways around this so that the likes of me (and many others) can get the same enjoyment out of the game and our sessions as everybody else. This answer is Skype.

So to the uninitiated, what exactly is Skype?? Well its an online chat forum for want of a better phrase. You download it to your PC/Mac or Smart Phone and just chat to each other via a series of text messages. If you can type you are sorted! Its also pretty much instant so any issues, or invites required can be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Also I noticed there have been a couple of  crew “issues” shall e say in the past with people arguing with each other about how someone blew someone else up, someone has a male avatar etc etc. Nothing major compared to most crews as we are awesome, but it does happen. These issues can easily be resolved if we are in Skype and in real time.

Skype is perfect for just generally chatting to each other, I have spoke to and learnt a lot about some members who I have never really interacted with much before be it on Social Club or PSN etc and its great when sorting out crew parties and events. We can link directly to jobs we have created, link to images required for blog posts etc, it just makes sense ok!?

Now I knows a few of you will have issues with getting Skype. I would like to point out that it is in no way essential to enjoying your time in Pussi Riot. We coped perfectly fine before we started using it after all so dont feel pressured into getting it if you dont have a PC handy or a Smart Phone. You may not want to talk to people online, I get this fully as I have issues with my voice being heard etc, but on Skype it doesnt matter as we are text based in terms of Crew activity.  But what about your privacy? Well thats up to you. I use Skype for business so instead of sharing my real life Skype handle with you all I set up an account specifically for my character! Now I know it will only get used for GTA V action and I wont get bugged by my real life people either whilst I play! Double the benefit there!

So are there any other questions other than how do I get this wonderful panacea for the chat woes we deal with in GTA? Well its FREE. And free is good. Its safe, no nasty downloadable stuff is attached to Skype, they are a very reputable company! And it doesnt take up much resources.

So how do you get Skype eh? Well I can only give guidance for PC myself. Smart Phones you would just get the app like any other app you have.

You go here

You chose the device you want to Skype from. You chose download Skype (sorry if im talking to you like an idiot here but it really is that easy!) And then just follow the instructions! Once you are set up let any of the Skypers know your user name and we can add you to the chat. From there you can do whatever you want! The Skype is indeed the limit!

Currently we have 26 people from the crew in our crew Skype chat (possibly more I dont have on my own list..) and it is growing all the time. Please please please join us (if you want…) and make things a little bit easier and more fun for the usual activity organizers as well as for everybody in general!



This is our crew skype chat, where we talk about non skype users behind their backs and share rude photos of each other…maybe. And yes its 1.30 am. The things I do for you lot…

Its for ALL platforms by the way. Xbox and PSN people chat to each other.

You know it makes sense…



3 thoughts on “The Skype’s the Limit

  1. I haven’t been in the riot long and was recently invited to the Skype chat. It’s very worthwhile and a lot of fun. Plus if you’re a total GTA addict like me, you can drop in on the conversation at times when you can’t be in-game and are itching for a fix! Great article Molly!

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