Meeting KimBianca


I’m KimBianca, you can call me Kim, Bianca, KB, Trigger (for the mixtapes I pop off like mad- more on that in the music section), or Pitbull (not as in the musician, but as in the animal who gets misunderstood and mislabeled as a vicious monster but is really an extremely loyal, big bundle of love).


I grew up in the midwest in a religious family.  However, Dad was killed in a gangland style execution when my brother and I were little, leaving Mom as a widow to raise us on her own.

I wound up running with a group of hoodlum friends who were all from broken homes, getting into drugs and robbery.  I became accustomed to walking the line between the church and the streets.

Though money wasn’t exactly abundant, Dad’s life insurance allowed me to go down to Vice City for college.  I had a solid fake ID and found some weed smoking homies pretty quickly, as you can imagine I was no stranger to the vice in Vice City.  Before long I was selling weed and more for that crazy bastard Ricardo Diaz’ operation to cover my bills, and of course to get high on my own supply 😉 Somehow I still managed to graduate on time with a degree in Political Science.

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Around graduation time Diaz was knocked off by the Vercetti gang, so I figured it was time for me to go do something better with my life.  All the dirt I did for money and that I learned about while studying politics led me back to the church.  I returned north for seminary, got my masters, and became an ordained minister- not that internet mess but the real deal.  I got my life together, got married, raised a kid, and served the church for a number of years.

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Time came to relocate, in part because of the miserable cold weather where I was living- I missed the beauty of Vice City.  I went into the search process and found a nice little church to serve in San Andreas.  While looking into it I remembered a friend I met in VC who was on vacation from Los Santos named Lamar (we did some LS<>VC trafficking for a bit, but that didn’t last long), so I hit him up on Life Invader to let him know I was coming out that way.  He promptly offered to pick me up from the airport.  When I got there, even though he knew I was married, he still tried to get all flirty with me.


I rolled my eyes a lot over his silly advances, but overall he was still cool, and still a little on the wild side.  Right away he was getting me back into some troubling behavior, some drug running and street racing.  But I was soon off on my own to find that church and get acquainted with my new home while my hubby worked on selling the house and catching up with me.

I found that church in the small beach town of Paleto Bay, only to have my hopes and expectations dashed against the pavement.  The church was locked and there wasn’t a parishioner to be found!  Come to find out there wasn’t an open church in the entire state of San Andreas!  Wtf??!!  So now what?

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I had nowhere else to go but back to Lamar and his buddy Gerald.  I intended to find some decent work, but those two had other ideas and things escalated from there.

That has resulted in me getting my money up and living the high life, being all set up by the time my hubby made it out to join me.  I hardly see him now because he stays as busy as I do, but its nice to know he’s with me (2nd character lol).  Plus my daughter visits every so often, and my brother just moved out here so I’m trying to help him get his feet under him.  If you see me running with a dude, that may be him.

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Of all the dirt I’m into, what I don’t like is having to kill, I’ve done too many funerals to find much joy in it.  I’d rather work together and make a better tomorrow, but I do what I’ve got to do.  I just think of it like the soldier and tax collector at Jesus’ baptism, I do my job without abusing my power or taking advantage of people.

However I don’t mind killing the average goon, Merriweather, and SA police- nobody loves them.  I’m not even convinced they’re human- acting all predictable, saying their stupid mechanical phrases, and spawning continuously out of nowhere.  Maybe that has something to do with the UFO and alien stories I hear so much about, I don’t know.


Now that I’m living like a queenpin I know I’ve gone too far to turn back.  To quote the great prophet 2Pac, I’ve suffered “So Many Tears” that now “my only fear of death is coming back reincarnated” (which happens every freakin’ time I die), so I’m “Str8 Ballin.” “If I Die Tonight” for good, then “Bury Me a G.”  You can keep your opinions to yourself because “Only God Can Judge Me,” I just hope God understands and saves a place for me in “Thugz Mansion.” And “Hail Mary,” I have her tatted on my arm as a reminder.

To the good people of San Andreas, don’t let your hearts be troubled by the state of the world, “God’s coming, She’s just taking Her time.”  And to the Riot, I thank you for your embrace.  I’m “down witchu till the very end, cuz you ain’t never had a friend like me.”

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  • From: Indianapolis
  • Born: Dec 31, 1980
  • Current Location: Luxury Suite @Weazel Tower, Ol’ Country @Grapeseed, & Beach Front @Paleto Bay
  • Relationship Status: Married with children (well one, but feels like many)
  • Sex: Other than with hubby, girls only- he likes that, so we’re not going to call it adultery 😉
  • Religion: Oh Lord, have mercy on my soul…