My Mixtapes

So I make mixtapes that I’d like to share with you.  But first let me say that if you are underage, this isn’t for you.  It’s filled with explicit and inappropriate content.  If you are of age and like rap, then this is especially for you.

Here’s a Google Drive link to 5 of my 11.

I’m working on fixing up the old ones to make them more presentable, eventually the whole catalogue will be in that folder. When there is demand, I speed up the supply; if not then I take my sweet time.  Just let me know if you want more.

Here’s a couple samples from the few tracks I’ve posted on YouTube (I quit adding songs there because sometimes I run into copyright issues).

A song

And a clip

I make them for my own amusement, and have only previously shared them with a few close friends irl.  I’m not what you might expect from a DJ, I don’t make party style mixes, meaning a series of songs that blend from one to the next continuously.  I take a whole song and an instrumental and mix them together.  It’s more about the songs themselves than my skills.  I also place movie and comedy clips over instrumentals for intros/outros/ interludes.  Each album is based on a theme, and some tell a story.  All are meant to flow from beginning to end.

Everything is referenced somehow in the track titles.  The real artistry is from the original creators of the material, I just like to play with how things can go together.  The material ranges from stuff I grew up on to stuff that has come out as recently as last month.

I find this place a great outlet to share my work because we are all known simply by our GTA identities- and GTA is as inappropriate as anything I’m putting together, so this seems fitting lol.  Due to the explicit nature of my mixes I don’t want them linked to me personally.  But i do want to share them because I really like them and think others might want to hear them, too.  Nothing is for sale, this is not to promote myself, I’m just sharing.  Hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear your feedback through your comments below or on Social Club- I’m KimBianca.


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