PS4 – January Crew Party – First Person Special

jan party

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January what’s special about January? Traditionally absolutely nothing. With Christmas and New Year out of the way, the first thirty one days are generally cold, dark and boring.

So to wave goodbye to this most tedious of periods, we at Pussi Riot HQ have come up with an awesome party agenda that will quite literally blow those blues away!


Perhaps the biggest change from Last Gen to Current Gen GTA V was the introduction of the First Person mode as it gave us all the opportunity to view the glorious newly polished streets of Los Santos in a completely different way. By now most of you will have dipped your toes a little into this perspective and probably found it a lot harder to live with than doing things in third person view which will have resulted in the majority (including myself) jumping back to third person as we feel more comfortable.

The aim this month is to take you all out of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity for one night only to try and do things differently by playing GTA in an alternative way!


We normally run 3 or 4 playlists at our monthly meeting with 5 or 6 jobs per list which take about 40 to 50 minutes to complete. However as we will be running these lists with the perspective locked to First Person we have decided to make 8 to 10 shorter lists to give you a break to recover from all the mayhem before launching the next one. This should reduce the risk of us all getting motion sickness which would just ruin all the fun. Another thing to note is that the playlists will have a variety of jobs in each of them rather than have separate Race/TDM/Capture/Stunting themes.


In recent weeks we have seen a lot of new members joining our ranks and we have been very lucky as amongst them have been some genuinely creative content creators. So you can all look forward to trying out some of their creations which cover all aspects of custom jobs which I can assure you will be lots of fun.


One player is chosen at random and given five minutes to make for the hills. Its important that the remaining players stay together.  When 5 minutes has elapsed the 29 hunters start the pursuit of their prey and when found kill on sight!!!


The new regular monthly party fave end of night activity (with a twist) This month we would like you all to get dressed in orange clothes to replicate the convict look so as we can take the opportunity once inside to get some really cool looking group Snapmatic pics.


It’s important for us all to know whats going on at these events, and we have learned from experience that messaging through PSN has become very unreliable. Therefore we encourage you to use your mic which we should all have as it was bundled with our PS4’s Failing that we have an excellent and fun Pussi Riot Skype text chat room which is usually very active. Failing that your last point of call is your in game phone. However you may not get an immediate response from the party reps as they may be too busy. Important messages will be relayed to all online crew members by Scuba who apologises to all members online on other consoles if this causes any confusion.
If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to send Scuba a PM on Social Club 😉

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