PS3 – ‘Police Academy 8’ – January Crew Party Review

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Ok ladies, put your truncheons down and listen up. I must admit I was a little worried about this months PS3 crew party.  With a committee of three (Grody, Minty and myself) we were always going to struggle to get the playlist together, build the narrative and promote the hell out of it but I am proud to say that we nailed it. We nailed it good!

The committee worked hard for the past month to get the Police Academy 8 theme to where it needed to be and we worked every night right up to the last minute to make sure everything was OK. Playtesting is hard on PS3 these days due to the lack of people available and Rockstar always lets is down in certain ways. You can only imagine our consternation when none of us could actually create the playlist an hour before the party was about to start due to the issues with creating playlists. Thankfully we put our heads together and figured it out. I reckon we could do anything if we needed to!

Anyway as we have worked hard all month I m only going to put out an abridged version of my review this month as I am knackered! None of us have had a proper chance to actually chill on the streets of Los Santos this month so hopefully we can all do that in the next few days as creating is hard work!

With this in mind I was quite tenative when walking into the party lobby for the first time. I will readily admit that if we had a poor turn out or issues like the PS4 organizers had the night before when all their hard work was obliterated in various ways, I may have just quit there and then. But I am happy to report I had nothing to worry about!

The lobby was full straight away with a varying amount of people and the best part? Everybody was dressed in cop gear! People actually read the blog! I saw PS3ers, PS4ers, new Rioters and an ex commissioner! But more on that in a sec.

So lets get to the bit everybody cares about. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Phew…give me a minute, I’m getting too old for this. 


The Good

+ As mentioned, a full lobby with new and old people. I like to think that PS4ers will still come on over to PS3 as we host awesome parties. I also hope existing PS3ers get a taste of what we can do.

+ The playlist worked. It made sense, the games got lots of thumbs up and everybody seemed to know the narrative behind the creations. I think its vital for future parties. We like to have plots attached to out creations so please, keep reading the blog and pay attention!

+ We stayed solid all night. I think the least we had in a lobby at any one time was 14. Thats pretty impressive.

+ No major issues. We lost Grody for a bit which was annoying as she put loads of work into the creations but other than that we did OK. And the best part was nobody seemed to moan when Grody was stuck in Rockstar hell. Everybody happily chatted to each other either in Skype or on PSN and just generally enjoyed each others company. Its great what can be achieved when everybody is on the same page and its something that we could all do with remembering. Nobody was trying to start new playlists or moaning about waiting. Please keep this up as we appreciate it!

+ Blondie Sighting! The best part about Blondie turning up (other than the obvious) is the fact that she got to see what we are doing with the PS3 parties. Basically we are keeping up her good work as you lead us by example in the past!



+ The opening creation with the obstacle race. This was brilliant. I think loads of people were running around laughing. Couldnt stop laughing at the fact that Alex managed to escape the first section on her bike. The multiple jump section was inspired.

+ Grodys narrative. She is a great writer. You may have noticed.

+ Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Im glad the PS4 organizers had fun too as they needed to after a hellish night before for them. Lets not forgot though the PS4 party creations are still there so hopefully we can have an impromptu party soon!

The Bad

+ Not much really. Maybe one gripe, still not enough photos being took! We were hanging around for ages in the lobby, all dressed up and with much carnage going on. Take some photos as they are our memories! I got a few but not loads!

+ Mintys magically disappearing bags. That was so weird! Thankfully they came back though!



The Ugly

+ The manhunts afterwards. Messy but fun. I think we all got a little bit confused there. But it was late so its allowed.

And thats it….sorry, I have nothing else! So tired and need to rest after this month. All I will say is that everybody should be very proud of themselves last night. Not just the creators, but everybody who played and made it easy for us to provide the party for you. None of you were remotely an issue, you all did what you were told (for want of a better term) and we do appreciate it greatly.


The invisible man finally gets caught. 

With a little team work and a bit of thought for your fellow Rioters we can do some awesome things. Lets bare that in mind going forward!



3 thoughts on “PS3 – ‘Police Academy 8’ – January Crew Party Review

  1. It was one of the best playlist me and Barns have been involved in for sure, keep up the great work, coming second in the last playlist helped, can ya tell it was me playing Bay & not Barns, lol!!!

  2. Sounds like you all had fun. Now that I know that I not only missed the party but also blondie i am really sad 😦 How she is doing? Is she in the riot again? Since now i have my internet again and now the Social Club is down 😦 may see some of you later tonight ❤

    • Hi Bine. Sorry I missed you. Things are going okay for me and improving all the time, so thank you. take care of yourself x

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