PS3 – The Purge


 We’re a big happy family, never forget that.

In contrary, we all know when things have to be done, its our utmost duty to handle it. So, with that being said…

If you haven’t read the message alert, do so here.

This Purge has to happen. Nothing personal. Just fun and games. Now on to the important stuff…

The Follow-up

After some negotiating over the past week, I finally decided on a date. February 8, 2015 (mark it on your calendars) Now picking a time was difficult, due to the time differences within the crew. So, I decided to stick with the norm. 21:00 GMT like every other event that this crew holds.

I’d like if you are participating, to use this simple time converter so you’ll know what time to be online. If you can’t attend, PM me on SC & I could arrange something for you at a later time that day.

The Details

Location: Mirror Parks.

Time: Night.

Weather: Heavy rain (for dramatic effect).

Everyone will now spawn with a weapon. (melee) Since there was absolutely no option to spawn without one so…yeah, have a ball with crowbars.

Quick Info & Tips

  • Cars and bicycles are placed every where so be on the look out. Whether you need fast transport to a nearby weapon or if you’re just fleeing trying to save yourself. *shrugs* Be weary though, someone may have planted a sticky bomb to your vehicle.
  • Keep in mind what was said in my last post, “watch your surroundings high & low.”
  • Take advantage of using your stealth whenever you can.
  • Stay off the roads on foot. (you can easily become a hit-and-run victim)
  • Subtle, neutral clothing to blend with the night.

The Run-down

Now, I would just appreciate if everyone would honestly TURN OFF their RADAR, but since I’d have no way of absolutely knowing that. That is why I stress putting stealth to good use, so your blip will not show on the radar unless you make some type of disturbance yourself. Your choice. Oh, and absolutely NO calling LESTER revealing everyone’s location. lol

I will start either an invite-only or just a closed crew session, send you all an invite & begin the event. Now, I normally run into network issues when trying to play online so it would be a big help if I could have someone that wouldn’t mind launching the event for me if I’m unable after several attempts. I wouldn’t want to spoil you all fun due to my suck-ish connection. Message me on SC (xQueenie) if you are interested in helping me out that bit.

Looking forward to this being a great turn out. 🙂 Thank you all that’s participating & Devlin for this awesome idea!

If you haven’t already, submit a form below.