PS4 – The Pussi Riot Carnival!

carnival flyer

 Crew Created Jobs
– Best Costume Contest
– Free Roam Activities
– Carnival Photo Contest
– Group Photo

!Post updated!
Please read this post if you want to take part at the monthly crew party!


Grandma BettyThis year the first time in Los Santos:
The Pussi Riot Carnival

With crew created jobs and jobs from the Social Club Community we will show you things which you may haven’t seen yet. Among others we will go to a club pre opening, do crazy stunts and drunken races.


Your Hosts for this evening:
BinchenChaos and Scuba_Christ

Costume Contest: The Rioter with the most creative costume gets a place in our Hall of Fame!

Snapmatic Contest: Take pics during the event and load them to the Social Club. A committee will choose the 3 best pictures.

20.00 GMT0: We open the Lobby and start sending invites.

We meet already dressed up in our costumes at the Del Pierro Pier where we hang up until the Lobby fills. Don’t forget to bring enough Pißwasser 😉

We start with the job Inside Bahama Mamas. You will start on the roof of the club with many gas tanks. If you get killed you respawn inside the Club. Once you are in the club please don’t kill anyone. The map is just to take photos and have fun.

Drunken Races: If we have some waiting time because we wait that the lobby fills or something else we will do drunken impromptu races from shop to shop. Rules: Join the invite to the impromptu race – drink 10 Pißwasser – drive – buy new pißwasser at the next shop.


Also this time we prepared some cool Playlists for the party with many different jobs so there is something for everyone.

Between the jobs we will host some jobs single. That will be:

Cargobob Jousting created by insomniack
Here is an instruction how to play insomniack´s Cargobob Jousting:

Modder Misson and Delfines
This two captures are thought to hang up, have fun and take photos. Please don’t take the bags do your base!

– Carnival Photoshoot
Here we will do a little video. This is thought to look like a parade. All get on the loading space of the truck and do gestures. While we drive around i will record with my playstation. After the truck stops please stay a while on it for a group photo. Please don’t take the bags to your base!!!

Usually we let the party end with storming the military base or the prison. This time we will hold the Del Pierro Pier. So we meet again at the Pier and try to get a 5 star level and hold them as long as possible.

You want more? Join our After-Party Playlist!



Skype: If possible join us on Skype. We have a group chat there and it makes it easier to communicate. Add me on Skype: BinchenChaos and i will add you to the Pussi Riot chatroom.

PSN Party: Join our PSN Party with or without mic!

PSN Group Chat: We will also open a PSN group chat for all who don’t use a mic or can´t use Skype. But it is very very slow and its impractical. If you have an urgent request or need help it is better if you send me an ingame SMS.

I am looking forward to see ya all at the carnival!!!


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