A Racer’s Perspective II: Super Car Class Review


So here I am, RecklessS13, your neighborhood hoonigan. Am I the fastest member of the crew? Simple answer is no. Especially when it comes to outright blistering time trials. But I do love to race, and I spend 98% of my time on racing and 96% of my cash on cars (4% on clothes, I gotta look good, right?).

My profile can be found here https://thepussiriot.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/recklessss/ I am a bit of a car nut. Yes, my cars typically run the same color scheme. I will give you some background into these cars as well, but if you aren’t a gearhead and just want the bottom line, you can scroll down to the “Final Verdict” and I will tell you specifically why I have each car in my garages without the nerdy stuff that I love.

Without further ado, I would RATHER introduce you to my cars. I have five garages as of this posting, so I will begin with garage one, the Supers, which is predominantly Super Cars (and two Coupes to be reviewed later).

San Andreas

Before we get into the thick of it, I have to point something out. I have off-road wheels on some of my super cars. Some of you, especially if you are new to racing in GTA, might be wondering why I would do such a thing. Here is a tuning trick to GTA that you must know if you are dedicated to going faster. Off-road wheels will NOT increase your lateral grip, and do not give you more traction. The reason off-road wheels are perhaps more desired is because of the sidewall. Off-road wheels come with thick sidewall tires. This is the only way to get the thick sidewalls. Why do you want those? On the racetrack, this would be irrelevant, but on the street if you plan to drive over curbs, bumps, jumps, and dirt, your car will have much better stability cornering with those ugly sidewalls strapped to your off-road wheels.

I cannot stand the look of the wheels. So I am very picky when it comes to wheel choice. In future reviews, you might notice I have at least one car equipped with these wheels. Most of the time, it is a car with good traction and/or acceleration. My top speed vehicles almost never have these tires as high-speed races typically do not have sharp corners where driving over the curb will yield a better lap time. Theoretically speaking that is (I am sure there are outliers). Are you willing to sacrifice bumpy cornering speed for style? I will leave you to answer that for yourself.


Overflod Entity XF

This car really stands on its own in this class. The front of the car looks like the real life Koenigsegg CC8S, which is the current record holder for the fastest speeding ticket ever issued in the United States (242mph in 2003 during the Gumball 3000 Rally Race). Yes it is fast. No it doesn’t suck.

Dunstable Ln

The rear of the car looks very much like it took ques from the Porsche Carrera GT. So this car definitely has style and cues from real life supercars. But that is not what makes this car so special. What sets this car apart from all others on GTA is the capacity for cornering. This car is not matched in terms of it’s traction rating in this class, I find it useful in those tight cornering situations, but it is rivaled by others in the traction department, and those “others” seem to have it in check when it comes to acceleration and top speed. But this car is a gem, and deserves a permanent place in my garage.

Truffade Adder

This car obviously takes its stylings from the Bugatti Veyron (without a spoiler), which was the first production car to crack the 250mph barrier.
The Veyron held onto the title of “fastest production car in the world” (until the Hennessey Venom GT took that title with a massive 270.49mph run).

It makes sense, then, that they Adder yielded the highest top speed of any car in the class until very recently. And with a price tag of $1,000,000 for a STOCK version of the car, it had better be fast! This car, fully tuned, has a maximum speed of 125 mph. 122 mph is the speed that is achieved by the Turismo R, Zentorno, Osiris, and T20.

The Pegassi

There isn’t much to report on the Pegassi Vacca. I don’t see very many choosing this vehicle, so if you want unique style, then this might be the choice for you, especially if you are a Lamborghini fan, as this vehicle is based upon the Gallardo and maybe some rear end components from the Aventador. It is sleek and stylish, but for racing purposes, there is another Pegassi that holds a special place in my heart, and that is the legendary Infernus.

Senora Fwy

I say “legendary” because back in my days playing GTA IV online, the Infernus was easily the car I used most. Specifically that creamy white color. That was MY car, I don’t care if you think otherwise. Based upon the Gallardo’s bigger sister, the Mercielago, it makes sense that this is also the Vacca’s bigger sister. This is a great budget super car if you have low XP. No one will see it coming. In terms of modified, but not fully modified super cars, this is a sleeper, trust me. Get a spoiler, maybe some off-road wheels, and no one will glance at you…until the end of the race when they start wondering how they got beat…be alert when you race, this car is touchy…

Pegassi Zentorno

Del Perro Fwy
The Adder was clearly a racer’s favorite car until the High Life Update introduced the Zentorno to the GTA 5 racing world. Taking cues from Lamborghini (hard to pick ONE), the car’s styling is way over the top. Good luck sneaking this thing anywhere. It’s loud. Its fast. Its so blindingly ugly you drool over it and want one. Yes, you want one.

Ill-Gotten Gains

Inspiration for the Osiris (pictured below) comes from the Pagani Huayra, with maybe headlights from the LaFerrari, both exceptionally fast cars. The Osiris is no different. This car is damned fast. But before you go and seek it out at the internet dealership, I have some fairly bad news for you. It’s cost for a stock version is 1,950,000. That is right. It is two million dollars. Two. For a stock version. Then you should plan on spending at least another 250,000 on modifications if you want to max out this car’s performance (this does not include wheels, bumpers, window and light upgrades), which I have done.

Grapeseed Ave

Before the Ill Gotten Gains DLC came along, the Zentorno was perhaps the go-to vehicle for the super car class in most random cases. While there is a 2 million dollar price tag for the Osiris, in terms of speed, it matches/bests the Zentorno in every category except top speed. The differences between the Osiris and the Zentorno in terms of performance are marginal, at most. In terms of acceleration, the Osiris gets off the line a little bit faster. It will out-accelerate a Zentorno until you get into the upper echelons of speed, where the Zentorno starts to creep up on it at the top end. Handling, again, the Osiris barely edges out the Zentorno, perhaps because of it’s All-Wheel-Drive platform. Furthermore, in terms of handling, both of these cars have radically different attitudes when going around a corner. The Zentorno’s FR platform means you need to be weary of the rear end stepping out. This is fine for you drifters out there. My very first race with the Osiris, in the very first turn, I basically under-steered into a telephone pole.
If you didn’t already know, those mother fuckers don’t move.
But after spending some time with her, I learned that the Osiris is actually prone to a small amount of understeer. When you are ready for that, she then becomes EASY to drive. Overshoot a turn? Get her to pitch a little sideways, steer the direction you want to go, and throttle on. She is stuck to the pavement, a dream in terms of handling once you get off of that rear wheel drive tip. And easily out-brakes the Zentorno on most levels. While this car is very fast, it is also extremely over-priced (you can buy a garage of Zentornos and have cars that compete very well with the Osiris), and you don’t even get dual-active-independent spoilers like the Huayra.

This brings me to the next car from the Ill Gotten Gains DLC: The Progen T-20. This car DOES have an active spoiler and it looks damn sexy. Change speeds, slam on the brakes, hit the turns, you will see a spoiler rise and fall, changing shape, the way modern supercars are supposed to. Based upon the McLaren P1, this car screams for attention, especially at speed, but there are some problems with this car. If you are looking for a vehicle you can customize and make look pretty in a way that is not stock, this is not your car. Customizations are very limited; you are basically stuck with the car looking the way it does from the factory. For me, this isn’t a real problem. I mean, who in their right mind would want to mess up a McLaren P1 anyway? But if you want to chop the top or have crazy body kits, you are sort of SOL on this vehicle. There is another problem: the price tag is $2.2 million. $2.2 million for a car who’s appearance is not really going to change much is a lot of money.

Great Ocean Hwy

In terms of performance, however, I find myself using this vehicle quite a bit. It does not have the top speed of the Adder, but this car rips everywhere else. The acceleration is extreme, and the handling is damn good. Yes, this is the pinnacle of all-around-racing in the Super Car class.

The Wide-Bodies

In the weeks leading up to the Valentine’s Day DLC, some interesting things happened in Los Santos. With a new DLC promised for Valentines Day, Rockstar decided to drop two revised cars into the mix (on the day that The Division Beta was released…coincidence? Or strategic?). Furthermore, Rockstar advertised that these vehicles were going to be able to “compete” (which is a vague term) with the T20, Adder, and other top contenders in the Super Car class!

The first car was the Karin Sultan RS. This car is real flashy and sounds great! Yes, it is widebody, obviously modified from Benny’s garage, and can be equipped with some truly sick liveries making it really stand out in a crowd. In terms of supercar speed, I heard early on that it was a car that might do well off-road and handled fairly well. It was not enough to make me want to invest the $700,000+ price tag to buy and modify one.

Chupacabra St

Yeah….then I bought one…and wrecked people…literally. And not just once! This car isn’t slow, it just doesn’t keep up with the fastest cars in the class driven by people who know how to drive them. So take a page from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and “know your opponent”. If you are up against a true racer, choose a different car. You wanna show off? This is your car. Period.

Then there was the Banshee 900R. Now before I get into this car, the reason that both of these cars caused a ruckus is because neither of them could really “compete” with the aforementioned vehicles in the class. I heard early on that the 900R was “glitched” and therefore slower than it should be.


A few days later, Rockstar monkey’d with the vehicle. What follows is a little technical on the video gaming side (at least for me) so if you are not interested, go ahead and skip this paragraph. Now I never actually did this myself, but back in the day, players were using a tactic called “Kerb Boosting” to make their cars go faster than they should. Traditionally, if a player wished to do this, they would have to shoot the center of the rim of their car without bullet proof tires on to allow the car a higher top speed. This glitch has since been “fixed”, however, in the case of the Banshee, Rockstar used this same glitch to “fix” the problem. So I am not sure that they “fixed” the problem, they simply used an old glitch and applied to this one vehicle to make it’s top speed faster. This only effects top speed, no other performance areas.

Okay, so if you skipped the last paragraph, The Banshee 900R has a top speed of 130.5 mph, much faster than the Adder at 125 mph, making it the fastest vehicle on the straights in the entire game. Outside of that, the car is somewhat sub-par. Traction for both of these cars are lesser than their T20/Osiris/Zentorno counterparts. And you will be beat off the line if you drive them.

Equality Way

I am keeping both of these cars. They are way cool to “tune” at Benny’s garage, especially in the tuner section. Where the T20 fell short on customizability, either of these vehicles standing alone should make up for it. Want it race-purposed, all carbon fibered/stripped interior with cages and 4-point harnesses? Got it (and maybe a giant bottle of NOS that doesn’t function, but whatever). Want a bobble head on your dash? Want custom gauges? Want sick ass livery of an anime girl spreading her legs? Twin-electric fans cooling your intercooler/radiator? Got ’em. These cars DO step up the game in terms of styling the speed vehicles of the game, and I sincerely hope to see more of these, but for now, they both have a home in my garage (only for now).



Final Verdict

Everything in green is in my garage as of this review.

Once upon a time, this was a three horse race: use the Adder for top speed runs, use the Entity for cornering, and if you have a mixed bag, maybe use the Zentorno, right?
It is not that simple, it gets tricky when you want to tease out which car you should use between the old and newer supercars from recent DLCs. Price is definitely a factor, but if you can to mod multiple cars to their extremes, you start to ask yourself different questions:
Who are you racing? Are they clean or dirty? How much of the race will you be accelerating out of a long sweeper or how long do you plan to be traveling at maximum speed?
What aids are on/off?
Specifically, you need to be thinking about whether “catchup” and/or “slipstream” options are on or off before the race. This is my opinion. If you plan to spend the majority of the race at maximum speed and catchup/slipstream are OFF, then use the Adder or the Banshee 900R. You will do very well walking away from your competition with the benefit of having the greatest top speed. Almost any other environment demands another vehicle.

Great Ocean Hwy

One of the issues I have with catchup, specifically, is that it limits the top speed of the leading car, which makes the top speed of the Adder or 900r almost null. Furthermore, I do not believe the Adder’s nor 900r’s other performance areas make up for the overall top speed. While easy to drive, they fall short in all other categories when compared to other cars.

I would rather be able to accelerate quickly back up to top speed after getting passed or hit, rather than gamble trying to maintain that speed that is limited by catchup. This is where the Zentorno usually stepped in, with its massive acceleration and great handling and marginally slower top speed.

But with the introduction of the Osiris and T20, the rules have changed. These two cars barely edge out the Zentorno, but it is close, stock form or otherwise. In fact these are probably my top two performers in terms of all-around speed, with the T20 edging out the Osiris by a small margin. With it’s all-wheel-drive system, the Osiris (which I equip with off-road wheels) seems to perform better in bumpy corners than the T20, but the T20 will catch it in the straights (with the exception of the holeshot maybe). Then there is the Entity that has the best cornering performance overall in the class, but doesn’t yield the acceleration nor the top speed of the previously mentioned vehicles.

Because Nostalgia

Another car that I have is the Infernus. I openly admit, this is for purely sentimental reasons (I rocked people in this car on the regular in GTA VI). But honestly, after recently re-purchasing this vehicle, if you are not at xp 125, this is a great budget racer. It is cheap and fast, until you get into the upper echelons, where it starts to drop off. Furthermore, you have a retro GTA racer that the OGs can recognize and you don’t see as often as you should anymore. You have to be on your toes, this will bite if you aren’t paying attention…

Bolingbroke Penitentiary

I have also owned and used extensively the Turismo R. She will turn whenever you want, just be mindful of your braking. Acceleration is great, top speed matches the T20, Osiris, and Zentorno, but the real advantage is the braking and entering, its an easy car to race. The only reason I don’t have one anymore is for the money. Which is a shame (and you can place that blame upon me). I know this car is damn fast and damn sexy.

Why don’t you just choose ONE??!?!

I admit I have a hard time choosing one, if I had to, it would probably be the T20 with some dirt road wheels (as ugly as that is). If you don’t want that, then I hope that this conversation at least allowed for some alternatives.

San Andreas Ave

Well, I hope I confused the hell out of you. This is a stacked class in terms of competition, so I hope didn’t dissuade you from your car purchases.
Stay tuned for more reviews, and as always, I am open to discussion and further investigation.
Live fast, die young.