A Racer’s Perspective III: General tips and Obstacle What!?

Obstacle What!?  One of the more popular races on GTA Online.  I admit, it is fun, and is taken right out of the Dukes of Hazzard.  Long jumps, big crashes, and lots of fun!  However, I thought I would post up about what I consider to be the “ideal line” through the course, which might not be what you think it is…

Then that got me thinking.  Should I write up a blog about ideal racing lines period?  I started to, but I also know that this has been written about for YEARS, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, I have linked a short but helpful article on what ideal racing lines are and how to use them.


Something that is not covered by the article are tips on drifting.  I will say this: don’t do it.  And if you are going to do it, make it SMALL.  I have read articles that claim that a small drift at corner exit might be the fastest way through a turn.  There ARE tracks irl where drifting is necessary to be faster, but in my experiences here (even on the gta drift tracks) grip style racing is simply faster.  JUMPING (for obvious reasons I suppose) also is not covered.  In GTA, using stick button, you can control the pitch and roll of the vehicle you are driving while in flight (think of it as moving weight around, push the stick forward, and the car will pitch forward, pull back, and the car will pitch back).  In the video posted below, go to 1:52 and you can see that I am actually controlling the bike in mid-air.

Furthermore, I stick the landing.  This is why controlling your vehicle is crucial to racing, as you can manipulate your car in mid-air.  In order to maintain speed, I try to land on all fours with full throttle, with maybe a little bias towards the rear.  I noticed on bikes, specifically, if you have a long way to fall, I stick the landing more often than not when I land the rear wheel first.  If you really want to jump far, back flipping will increase your jumping distance, conversely, front flipping will decrease your jumping distance.  If you don’t want to screw it up, make SURE you have room to rotate fully, otherwise you are going to jump further and come to a stop (or roll or whatever), so be mindful that flipping DOES take time to complete a full rotation.

Having said all of that, my next recommendation is to stay on the ground.  Whenever possible, stay on the ground.  The only time I would go for big air is if I have a long runway after the jump and can carry maximum speed all the way through the jump and after (which I admit, many jumps you will run across are this way).  If you have a turn or obstacle in front of you, I recommend making your jump short, and getting all of your wheels on the ground so that you can have grip (you have zero grip when you are airborne).  OR YOU CAN JUST GO AROUND.  I see a lot of jumps on GTA that have wide open areas to go around the jump completely.

Blatant Transition to Obstacle What?!

That is the thing about Obstacle What, there are tons of opportunities to go around.  If you want to hit all of the jumps and get big air and so forth, that is fine, but I feel I have a good idea of where the ideal line through Obstacle What is from start to finish (with a couple of questionable tactics) if your priority is getting to the finish line first.

Pick your vehicle wisely

I wish I could use this car.  I really really do, and wear a cowboy hat while I do it.  Problem is, the classes for this race are limited.  I wrote in a previous article about catch up and slipstream.  If catch up is ON, then I would use cars that have good acceleration and good top speed BOTH (Zentorno, Dinka Akuma, Massacro Racecar).  If catch up is OFF, then I would use something with the most top speed (just don’t crash too much), Adder, Jester Racecar, Carbonizarre, Hakuchou…

I originally had three or four races saved to my DVR, where you can literally see the difference in speed in going over the jumps versus some of the routes I recommend, but my Upload Studios is not  allowing me to upload anything (or edit) so I am going to run through a play-by-play using the video posted below.  Pay attention because my alternative routes go right from the start.  So right from the get-go, I say this: have a look around at the start of the race.  Are you on the left side of the track?  Can you get to the left side of the track before the freeway median?  If you can get into the oncoming traffic’s lanes early (and you dodge oncoming traffic), you will find yourself quite a bit ahead of the competition when the rest of the field hits the first jump.

0:14 seconds into the video, the concrete median arises.  Stay in the opposite lane, but graze the wall as closely as you can.  If you don’t you might miss the checkpoint completely, and that is the last thing you need pulling off a stunt like this.  You will pass the jumps that everyone else will have to go over, and at 0:22 seconds, merge back over into the correct lanes (through the construction cones).

0:34 pass the red box and then pull to the right to go up and over the bridge as this is faster than jumping the whole thing.  On your way down the ramp, hug the wall on the left a little bit to make sure you do not miss the checkpoint.

0:54 cross over into the opposite lanes again, but this time pull far left without driving off of the highway completely.  This is a gamble because you are pulling WAY off of the heterodox line, so the gain is minimal AND you run the risk of slamming into the wrong side of the ramps coming the other direction.  But I am convinced this is faster (if successfully done) than hitting the jumps normally.  At 1:03 you can merge back through the cones into the right lanes.  If you are playing GTA and you are behind at 1:06 then fire a fucking rocket straight down the middle of the lanesThere are a lot of elevation changes in GTA and I know sometimes your rockets hit the ground before they hit the target.  Not here.  Fire them right down the middle lanes, as the slalom approaches, and the ideal line forces players to go towards the middle of the road to enter the slalom.

1:10 if you are ahead and REALLY want to win, fire backwards, either straight down the middle or pull EVER so slightly so that your rockets will go towards the right side of the road (right is where most good racers will line up to get ready for the slalom that is now immediately in front of you).  Cut early and close to every wall.  If you cut late, you will make the next cut late, and the next, and the next.  If you do it right, you don’t even need to brake here (MAYBE lift if you are in a super car).  Don’t brake at all when you enter, either, you can lift and get back on the gas as needed.

1:28 scoot a little to the right and miss the jumps, then get back onto business as usual.

2:12 is interesting.  I hit the jumps here because I am in a car, but if you look off to the left, there is an opening that leads off-road.  I think the Xbox One version and Xbox 360 versions are a little different, but no matter what platform you use, there is a way around these jumps through that opening.  But there is a problem.  That off-road section is bumpy.  I don’t recommend taking that shortcut if you are in a car (it is probably not a shortcut).  I HAVE blasted through that off-road section on a bike and passed several cars who went the traditional route, but even on a bike, it is sketchy.  There IS a bump and it may mess you up.  I will let you mess with that part of the track if you want, but I typically do not go that direction.

2:32 scoot to the right and miss the small jumps.  Don’t go too far off road, get back on pavement immediately to keep your speed up.

2:53 you will see that I am traveling down the ramp.  At the bottom of the ramp cut hard left, through the cones, and into oncoming traffic.  You will see the jumps you miss on the right, after you do, take the first opportunity you can to cut BACK into the right lanes and continue onto the finish line.  Even if you are not in the lead at this point, this is a GREAT shortcut and you may find yourself ahead of the competition again.  Be careful, however, there is enough road there that if someone jumped well, they might be able to draft you here.

Hope that was helpful!  As always, I am open to discussion.  More to come in episode 4 (I will do more reviews of the car classes).

Live fast, die young.


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