PS4 – Carnival Crew Party Review

Carnival Crew Party Review:

Grand Theft Auto V_20150227232420

First I want to say thank you to Scuba for all his help organizing the party. Without you our parties would never been so awesome. I also want thank our job creator. You all doing great work. And last but not least: Thanks everyone for taking part.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150228022301

I hope you all had much fun at the carnival. I am already looking forward to the next one. But first I want to say what I think what went good and what not so well.

I really loved the jobs and Playlists. Insomniakc´s capture “Cargobob Jousting” went very well and I had the feeling everyone knows what to do.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150228012216


Many of you read the blog and came dressed in costumes. But there were a lot without customes too. What is a little bit sad, because that would be great group photos. Idk why that works on ps3 so much better. There we changing sometimes our clothes multiple times.

Also the hole Free Roam Action don’t works good. I waited very long with one new Rioter on the pier until a few others came (but not even the half). Drunken impromptu races worked but just with a small number of player. Group photos are nearly impossible. And for the Host all is so hectic and stressful.

For future parties It would be great if more of you get involved in the party organization. We need help at planing, creating jobs an Playlist, doing blog post, during the party: hosting jobs and playlists, help at the communication and help by free roam activities. Please message me if I can count you in for the next party.

But it wasn’t all bad. I had much fun playing with ya all. I love it when there is a lobby full with Rioters. Every job makes much more fun when he is filled with Rioters.

Oh and please upload your snapmatic pics if you haven’t already. We will announce the winner of the costume contest and the snaomatic contest soon.

Here some more screenshots i have taken (click on it for a larger view):

Grand Theft Auto V_20150227233342 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228005248 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228005446 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228011753 Grand Theft Auto V_20150227231856 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228024200 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228014925 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228025437 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228020508 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228041037 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228015938 Grand Theft Auto V_20150228015810




2 thoughts on “PS4 – Carnival Crew Party Review

  1. Good review Bine, I think the main issue we had was communication. There was a problem with SC so we were unable to communicate messages on mass this time hence no one knowing to meet at the pier etc. There were the usual server issues too which as always didn’t help.
    Idk why everyone gets it better on PS3 – I guess more use Skype there as we have become more reliant on chat parties on PS4 which is great but is also awkward as I found myself having to jump from party to party to pass on messages.
    The general feedback I’ve been getting though is that overall this party was a success and all our members had fun which is the most important thing really 🙂

  2. I am happy all had fun 🙂 It totally sucks that just 8 people can take part at the psn party :-/ R* server were terrible as always. At the CvC with RATS we often need 2 – 3 hours to play 3 maps X_X

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