PS3 – The All-Round Racing Championship

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A good ol’ Pussi Riot racing championship is long overdue and it’s been a year since we first hit the track. A proper racing event is in order and that’s just what I’ve got in store for you!

Over the course of one month (ish), starting Friday March 6 and ending Friday April 10, we’ll be doing a five stage five class racing competition. Each week a new track designed exclusively for one car class will be released. Upon release the track will be open for time trials until the final big racing championship on April 10 at 9PM GMT. So that means there will be a total of six titles to be won. Five for the time trials and one for the big five track finale. The classes we’ll be racing with are as follows:

  1. Sports
  2. Sports Classics
  3. Super
  4. Muscle
  5. Off-Road

Each class will get it’s own little space here with information on the track. To enter the competition, please fill in the form at the bottom of this post and your name will be added to the list of registered players.


HIGH SCORE: Mniscus – 6:05.284 – Obey 9F


  • Grody-to-the-max – 6.09.227– Dinka Jester (racecar)
  • Alleksandr – 6.10.662 – Annis Elegy RH8
  • Dondara – 6:19.101 – Dinka Jester (racecar)

Track: San Andreas GP – Sports


  • 3 laps
  • The fastest time counts, not your fastest lap.
  • Every sports car is eligible

Sports Class Race

This race will put your car to it’s limit acceleration handling and top speed-wise. Lots of straights, hairpin turns and blind corners. The race starts at city hall and takes you through the financial district, into the ‘hood’, past the golf club and back to city hall.

Sports Classics


Track: San Andreas GP – Classics


  • 2 laps
  • The fastest time counts, not your fastest lap.
  • Every sports classic car is eligible

Sports Classics Race

Rather than a race that pushes your old rust bucket to it’s not so high limits, this is a race that will take you through San Andreas’ finer locations. 2 laps through Tongva Hills, starting at a roadside restaurant, going past Devin Weston’s mansion and the winery and finishing back at the restaurant.


Coming Friday March 20


Coming Friday March 27


Coming Friday April 3

Registered Players (8)

  • Grody-to-the-max (raxo-d)
  • Muhmuhhuh
  • YouCant_STOP_ME (Alleksandr)
  • BitterGit (Dondara)
  • Mniscus (xMINTYFRESHx)
  • BAY1184
  • Barnsey27 (Barns45)

6 thoughts on “PS3 – The All-Round Racing Championship

  1. [IDK why it asked for my email above to register but I guess it don’t need public publishin pls, I like hangin back out of peoples’ faces.]
    But yeah, question I have is contact or non-contact and catchup/slipstream on or off (I like ‘off’ for ‘serious’ racing, yeah?)

    • For some reason it automatically puts your email address in. Not my intention :s
      Catchup and slipstream will be off. I’m not sure if I’ll go with contact or non-contact yet, but most likely contact.

      • If we accidentally crash someone in front/beside us do we wait for them to recover their place? And do we take respectful rather than ideal line through corners if beside someone? It can be difficult and accidents can happen but are hopefully avoided without controversy or even mildly hurt feelings. I’m more used to non-contact, sometimes in the thick of things in the moment it’s a fast decision what line to take to avoid collision but still maintain position. But contact racing among good competitors can be a great experience and even better (more intense, heightened challenge and craft) than non-contact. Either way, looking forward to it, and I’ll admit I’m a bit scared of some great racers in this crew!

      • So am I Glam. Just as I had gotten a better time than Alleks, Minty manages to beat my new record by 4 seconds!
        Rioters have always been good sports, so I’m sure they’ll live up to their reputation 🙂 I’m most likely going to make it a contact race, as non-contact is too much like doing time trials together.

  2. Somtimes i like to race with respectful and skilled drivers, it is very great experiens then you can overtake opponent without crushing, or drive nose to nose with someone)))
    But most of the times race stops ion the first corner, the racer who avoid the masscrash is a 80% winner (100% if it is Grody) xD
    This difficult decision, but im on 65% for good contact race. And 35% of me want a chance to be winner)

    • I remember my surprise when I had just joined the Riot and everyone was racing so friendly. That’s when I knew this was my crew 🙂
      I’m most likely going to make it a contact race, as a non-contact is basically doing time trials together and that’s what we’re already doing :p

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