Yo Yo , A list of crew on final strike before getting kicked

This list is of all the crew members that have failed 4 consecutive spot checks on; 25/07/2014, 31/12/2014, 22/01/15, 09/03/2015:

A-Hairy-Bear, andreec26, Ashlend, bigpooter14, BloodOfChris, boringlaura, BrooklynNFL, bugs951, casscasscass, clara2156, daju-sk, DantantMRY, Deepwar87, ElzGee, GamerGirlll, Golden_DragonXll, InfamousEmpress, Jazzmine, Jordan231RAW, JusBizz,  Kristal69, lexa_2.101, LightningCrashes, lizzie.McCormack, NLEFrost, PaizuriJones, PrincessReynapet, Ragejenb, RainbowFrost8, samantha073, shazzbabe, sliqster2000, someonezmom, soonertimothy, Texasalexis1, therockkid, tori_iv, viviennevivi, WESTDALLAS-GAL, WickedAngelQueen, xXMiss-Sara86Xx, YourPrettie


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