Heist Vehicles

Just a quick update that I thought would be longer than Social Club will allow me.  Heists update has several vehicles, a couple of planes and choppers, including a HYDRA Jet which might be badass.

There IS a new dirt bike: the Dinka Enduro.  I have yet to buy it and try it out, but I do plan on doing a review on motor bikes.  I was going to highlight the Sanchez as a MUST HAVE, as it is arguably the fastest and most versatile vehicle in the off-road class, but things might change once I have a look at the Enduro and some of the other trucks that are available.

Worth mentioning is the Karin Kuruma.  “Kuruma” is Japanese for “car”, and this thing looks like a Mitsubishi Evo X.  I have yet to buy one and try it out, but what stands out about this car is that it is an ARMORED vehicle (Mad Max, anyone).

There is also a Lampadati Caso, that looks like it will fit in very well with the Classic Cars.

There do not appear to be any cars in classes I have already reviewed, so before I do a review of any other car classes in the future, I will be damn sure to include all of the cars in the new heists, so be on the lookout.

Live fast, die young.


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