PS3 – March Crew Party- The Best of the Best

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Greetings everybody.

Long time no blog, I wish I had more time to throw my words of wisdom onto your screen as I have right now but hopefully that will change soon.

Life has been hectic both in real life (long story) and in Los Santos as there was a little update that occurred this month regarding heists that you may or may not have heard about….

Now heists have been great dont get me wrong, lots of fun and a bit of bonding between Rioters (and a few…issues shall we say?) but regardless of real life meaning I cant get online quite as much as I would like and heists splitting us up and pulling us together at the same time, there will always be one thing I can always make time for. One thing that I will give up real life events for and one thing no matter how bloody tired I am I will always put the effort in to make fun.

That one thing of course is the Pussi Riot monthly crew party!

Ok so whats the dealio I hear you saying. (I imagine you all to be a bunch of nogoodnicks by the way, hence the use of dealio).

Well what are we good at? The answer is simple my friends, we are good at being the best, yet oddly not the best at being good. So the theme for this months party is quite straight forward. The Best of Pussi Riot.


(Also me, Grody and Minty are really tired this month so we are going to recycle some stuff but whatever…)

So here is how its going to work….

Ever since their inception our Parties have been…well awesome to put it mildly. Yet a lot of our crew has changed. Lots of you reading this now have only attended a few parties, maybe even none at all due to being late to the Pussi party (pun slightly intended).

Also Grody mentioned that this month will be the one year anniversary of our Crew parties. Now I can neither confirm or deny this to be honest, but its sounds about right so lets revisit some of the fantastic crew creations that our lovely members have made just for us, some of which a lot of you have never played and those who have played have probably forgot about!

imagemy first crewparty0_00_0 (6)

The playlists will be compiled shortly but in the meantime if anybody has a creation that they loved in the past, let us know and we shall add it to the list. Also if you have created something that nobody ever plays but you think is super duper then let us know! This is a perfect chance to show the world (well Ok…us) what we already knew. We are the BEST.

So that aspect of the party is sorted. So what about the costumes maaan? (hippy nogoodnicks…)

Well this is where it gets interesting for me.

We all have our favourites here. Not just who we enjoying playing with but people who we just think are cool. So here is your chance to pay homage to your favourite Rioter. My challenge to you is to dress up as a fellow rioter for the evening. It will be much fun guessing who has turned up as who and you will get bonus points if you turn up in you chosen Rioters car.

There are loads of people to chose from, jump on snapamatic if you need any inspiration or look through the blog at our profiles section. The winner will of course get a mention on here!





Lets not forget also that parties tie in to promotions here and as I am now a commissioner I have the power to promote those who I think have put the effort in. Yes, I am mad with power, unlike Grody who is drunk on power. Or just drunk full stop. Rest assured though your efforts WILL be noted. Go on, make me promote you, I DARE you.

So thats all I have for now. I have just bought a car so need to search for some car insurance, annoyingly I cant just drive into a garage and ask for insurance and a tracker in real life. Chrome wheel rims are cheaper though so thats a plus point…

Oh! The party date! Yes thats quite important isnt it?

Well here it is…

28th March 2015 at 20:00 GMT. 

Be there and be the best.



The Ring of Death (Team Deathmatch) – The Lady Taco

The Sedan Derby (GTA Land Race) – Egimage

Surf ‘n’ Turf (Land Race) – Backof

Cheesy #4 ‘copters (Air Race) – Cheesymitten

The Riot 1.6km Triathlon (Bike Race, kind of) – Catfacecat

Gloria’s Hole (Deathmatch) – Murphacus

Neighbourhood Feud (Deathmatch) – Hurri Household

I Dig Graves (Motorcycle Race) – Scuba Christ

Maze II (Team Deathmatch) – GLAMNARC

Cross Roads (Bicycle Race) – Arcticsunset

Wonderland Bike “Trip” (Bicycle Race) – Blondarus

Academy Paintball Day (Deathmatch) – Grody to the Max

Killer Clown Horror (Capture) – GAGAgolightly

Paleto Bay Massacre (Last Team Standing) – BinchenChaos

The Purging (Deathmatch) – xQueenie

Tank Battalion (Last Team Standing) – Mniscus

The Berlin Wall (Last Team Standing) – Muhmuhhuh

Quite the eclectic mix there I’m sure you will agree. Its not too late (depending on when you are reading this…obviously) to nominate a creation if you want it to be added to the list just PM me.

Oh and we are storming the military base afterwards, you know, for old times sake.




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