PS3 – March Crew Party Review

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Howdy everybody

So another month another party, and this one was a celebration of Pussi Riot. It was a small gathering but for the most part it actually worked!

March was a tough month for our party organizers as the real world ate in to our GTA world plans. So instead of devising a massive party full of plotlines and themes we decided to resurrect a few of our old party games. I must admit I was worried at first, would some of them stand the test of time? We had some that we had never played before too and didnt know if they would pass muster and although certain games didnt reflect peoples tastes (which will always be an issue of course) I would say the games were a great success.

Whether it be Sami’s Sedan Race (A classic), Backof’s Surf n Turf or one of the newer games like Queen C’s The Purging or Glamnarc’s Maze II all the games were widely enjoyed.

The main theme of the party was to dress up as another Rioter and this went well too. Here are some examples…






We had Gaga, Scuba, Molly, Star, Cheesey, Franky, Binchen and many Mintys to name but a few!

We had a lot of fun just messing around too, the playlists were short and simple so we got a lot of time to just blow things up. A highlight for me was jumping in Grodys new jet thing (I’m no good with names) and hovering high above the skies with a ridiculous amount of Rioters still standing on the plane. It must have been some kind of record.

We also had some fun at the pier where Grody somehow got her car stuck.


No..I dont know how either.

We had some impromptu artwork from Jack/Jane


And we had a decent amount of people attending. But hey it is now time for the Good, Bad and Ugly of the party which is becoming a monthly thing…

The Good

+ A nice amount of new people turning up and experiencing their first parties. Sarah, Roberto, Imsohood_lum to name but a few (there were more but im running a bath as I type this so…you know who you are!)

+ Some blasts from the past showing up too like Kinder. Basically we always had 14 or so in the session so it was nice and steady.

Lots of photos being took. Franky turning up will always facilitate a number of cool photos but im very impressed that the rest of you took a ton of pics too. We need to do this every month as they create the memories we need as well as the insight into how cool our parties can be which will attract new members.

+ The high number of people who turned up in a costume. Your effort is appreciated.

+ Storming the Army Base at the end was a well worked team game.

The Bad

+ Although lots of people turned up we had a bizaare amount of people who didnt join the playlists. Why is that? This month wasnt too much of a problem as they were old creations. But if we had put the effort in to make new ones this month and people still didnt join the playlists I would be pretty pissed off. Its quite insulting that we create stuff for people only for them to not bother playing them! You couldnt even use the excuse of not knowing because I battered the crew messaging thing so everyone knew what was going on. Sort that out please?

The Ugly

+ Now known as the Queenie Conundrum to me. Queen C as with every month turned up on time and ready to party. However yet again we could not get her into the session and it pisses me right off. We had a similar issue with Ferindar but thankfully got him in in the end and have had issues before but nothing to the extent that Queenie Suffers.

Dont know how many of you know her but shes pretty awesome. Always receptive and wants to join in yet she never moans when she cant.  We NEED to find a solution to this. Come on, we have some smart cookies in our crew. Somebody must have a solution for her. Maybe we can make her a party host at the next event to see if us joining her instead of vice versa will work. Queenie I promise I will do everything in my power to get you into the next party. I wont have you standing by again! If it makes you feel any better your Purging game was very well received!

So there we have it. Do you have any thoughts yourself? Let us know here!

Here, have some more pics! Just because…




See YOU next month!



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