April 2015 strike list

Hi gals,

I have removed about 50 crew members who failed 5 spot checks in a row. These checks were conducted randomly over the last 8/9 months. To fail they had to not be using our crew when we checked. In order to get kicked you had have 5 failures in a row, so its safe to say none of these had played with us for at least 8 months.

Here is the updated like of all the peeps now on there final strike, This means if they are not using the crew next time we check they will share the same fate as the last lot 😦

0penThisPitUp, 1MookyMonster, Alyysanne, Amazon_Tatyana, andretzar, Ashbmw87, Ashes111, b1ondegir1, beaugroen51, bora86, BURNING_ALL, callum787, ChuckBuffalo, coolkid156, crimsonMFtsunami, DATGURLICE12, DeadAim217, de3vine, DelilahStarshine, Drihellyh, edithetjer59360, fabgace, fineLady, FLACA_MALVADA, greatness_nation, horst1375, iCry_x, ijsbeer7, jairoxx2000, jazz9482, jesse1111, Kazumi_Mishima, kdt2010, KillN_out_here, LifeInvader1990, lil_ramdom, Lola.K, LoonyHoney, MIINNK, NI10VL, NickixMonroe, niquelovesgames, pixelpuss1, RainStorm29, Reggierocket125, StreetSlayer7, Summervixen, Synthy2014, T0rnInTwO, TehCracX, TheReddKiller, TW1ST3DT0RQ, ucantseemeho, VeronicasSweet, VeronicasSweet, WidowsPeak, Xdiamond_beautyX, xXBLoDie42oXx, xxGrumpyCat, ____babe, _Tess_, -C45H-


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