PS3 – May Crew Party – To Cool for School

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Good afternoon everybody.

I just thought I would pop in with a little update on what our PS3 May crew party will be.

First of all the date of the party will be:

Saturday 30th May at 20:00 GMT.

Mark it down in your homework diaries as the subject of the party will be something that we are all familiar with, we have all been there, some of you may still even go there… the subject is SCHOOL.

So what will we be doing? Well dont worry, we wont be doing maths or studying Shakespeare or anything like that.

The party will be broken down into a couple of sections.


A small selection of activities revolving around sports. A cross country run, a cycle event, maybe a game of football, who knows?


A couple of creations based around what you would typically learn in school, smoking behind the bike sheds, how to set some kids blazer on fire with a bunsen burner…stuff like that.


Probably the most important part of the party as we need YOUR help for this. As we have done in the past this section will be opened up to all your personal creations that you would like people to play. Again I know we have some great creators out there so jump to the top of the class and let us add your creation to the party list. Any creations will do, doesnt have to be school based or anything like that. If you want your work looking at then just send a link to me or Grody.


The best part of school surely? We will be taking a school trip into the beautiful Raton Canyon for some camping and Biology work. Please remember to bring your parents (or guardians) signed permission slip.

And finally….

As we are in school there will be a STRICT school uniform policy. Anybody who is attending must wear the school uniform. Now dont worry, there are options to personalize the uniform as I know you all like to get creative but certain costumes must be worn and we will not play until everybody is wearing them. Why are we doing this? Well its simple, to get some nice crew photos. And seeing as we are doing all (well most of the work) I dont think its too much to ask!

I will make a post at a later date detailing the uniform and the options we have.

Ok? Class Dismissed.

Girls of St. Trinian's - St. Trinian's (c) 2009 NeoClassics Films Ltd.



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