PS3 – May Party School Uniform Policy

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Hello Ladies

As discussed in my last post there will be a strict school uniform code for the May Party. Here is what you may wear…


This is the basic school uniform. It consists of:

A blue and white striped tie

A black Blazer

A white shirt

Black and white Plaid shirt

Sensible shoes (No high heels!)

Now I know everybody wants a little bit of individualism so you do have some options to make your uniform “yours”


For example you can add a rather dashing Cardigan to your ensemble (Actually its a suit vest in Black but whatever…)

school2If you are a scruff you can go for the tatty blazer look along with the loose tie and some trainers (or sneakers as you strange people call them.)

school1And I do realise there are some “mean girls” in the crew who are too cool to wear a blazer. Well Ok I will allow it but you MUST wear the skirt and shirt combo. Annoyingly you cant wear a tie without a blazer…

So to summize….

You MUST wear:

A white shirt (or off white)

The plaid black and white shirt.

Shoes that are not high heels. They can be, black, brown or grey.

We would PREFER you to wear

A black blazer (Suit jacket) any version will do as long as you can wear a shirt and tie under it.

The blue striped tie. (any version)

And thats it really. Anybody not abiding to this rule once the party starts will be subjected to detention and fifty lashings from Principle Grody.

Oh and we do have a sports event going on. The outfit for this is very strict.

school5The light blue t shirt.

White pleated gym skirt

Any type of running shoes. Whatever you are comfortable in for your ten mile cross country run….

Any questions just ask me or Grody!

Class dismissed.

Stop talking at the back!


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