PS4 – May Crew Party

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Friday 29th May – 8pm GMT

An out of tune siren bleeps its last shrill death note as the wrecked police cruiser hurtles directly into an oncoming jugg


The pimped out Sultan which it was chasing skips away into the distance leaving nothing but a few skid marks and a cloud of pink smoke in its wake. This can only mean one thing….The girls of Pussi Riot are back on the streets and are ready to remind the people of Los Santos what it is to PARTY!

The year is 2015, everyone has become absorbed by the world of heists, nobody is paying attention to the streets of Los Santos anymore. At night, when you’re all getting together at the planning board in your high-end apartments, waiting for Lester’s phone call to know when to make your move, and calling it an early night because you want to make sure you have enough rest to complete the heist the next day; other crews have taken over the streets and claimed their territory. While we’re occupied about making big chump change with these long and enduring (yet satisfied if accomplished) heists; these other crews out there are relying on quick 4-man missions and street racing bets to bank up AND maintain reputation. Rumor has it that these people are bad mouthing the ladies of Pussi Riot, declaring victory as the street racers of Los Santos, causing our business to be declined with local custom car shops. It’s time we show them who’s BOSS in and out of our racing cars.

Here’s the plan:

Vespertears, ragingred (FamousOutlawRED) and Scuba_Christ_Vercetti will be your hosts on the night of the event. The party will start at 8pm GMT on Friday May 29th where you will all be invited into a crew only session. Once you’ve arrived in the lobby, stock up on your armor and ammo at Ammunation because you never know when someone might pay you a visit and you’re not prepared for it. Go ahead and put on your best outfit to show out. Lets see you strut that bikini outfit or put on that sexy ensemble showing that nice tan of yours!

You gotta go big or go home, ladies! When you’re done pampering yourself, head to your garage and decide which ride you want to roll in with. I’ve got the hook up with Hao at Los Santos Customs, so make your way there and we’ll start off with a spit and shine on our sweet cars. Let’s make sure these babies are prepped and ready to go.

We’ll then make our way to the parking lot at Del Perro Pier to gather for the car meet.

This parking lot has decent lighting, so we should have some awesome snapmatics, selfies, group pics, and car pics. We’ll then announce the best looking car competition and have the crew members vote for the car they think deserves to win. To do this we want you to stand and point at your favourite vehicle. The winner will be determined by how many crew members she has standing around her and her vehicle. After taking pictures of the winner and their ride, we’ll head out towards the Vinewood Bowl, having everyone line up towards the entry/exit way of Del Perro Pier, riding together in an Impromptu Race to see who’s the illest at being fast and furious.

Once arrived, we’ll park our rides in the parking lot provided and head on to the seating area in front of the stage. The ladies who are interested in the best dressed competition will stand at the back of the stage in a single file line. We’ll have each girl do their catwalk towards the center front of the stage and perform their action of choice, they’ll then return to their spot in line. Once after every contestant is done with the runway; we’ll have them spread out on the stage and ask for the crew members to stand next to and point at the lady they feel should win. The contestant with the most crew members is declared the winner of best dressed and will also have her picture taken.

We’ll then load up the playlists for the party. Its been proposed that if our ladies are able to succeed in completing these playlists that they’ll agree on negotiating turf afterwards, but knowing us Pussi Riot ladies, is there such a thing has negotiation? Ha!

Once the playlists are over we will all make our way to Ponsenby’s to get dressed up in elegant tuxedos as you will then be escorted by limo (or hearse if your a bit goth) to The Vanilla Unicorn…

I’ve arranged with Nikki to get our VIP area prepped and draped with nothing, but the best for our Pussi Riot ladies! Let’s make it rain with private lap dances OR put on your own show on stage! We’ll drink up to toast the celebration to a job well done and wreak chaos with the after party!

Welcoming all to the summer of 2015, the ladies of Pussi Riot on PS4, will be throwing the baddest racing crew party of the month!


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