A guide for the elite mastermind challenge


We (Guinness, Steven, Alexdajen and myself) completed the mastermind challenge. For that, I put up a small guide to help us prepare and improve our strategy. I hope some of you could find that useful.

But before we start:

  • The purpose of the challenge is to NOT die for 28 setups and finales. So you should not care about cash, time, or who get the fastest to the RDV, but just your survival and the one of your teammates. So don’t act stupid (or rambo-like)
  • The most difficult part of the challenge is to get everybody connected at the same time . The challenge takes 8-9 hours in total, with all the transitions, so you better plan for that, especially when playing with players from different time zones.

Some logistics

  • Mic for everybody helps a lot
  • No displacement in motorcycle when not necessary (ie bank heist only)
  • Save an outfit with utility vest + bullet proof helmet to be used during all setups and finale, the host will have to set the choice of clothes to “player saved outfit)
  • Use kuruma for your travels, (insurgent for the convoy setup, because it can resist RPG)
  • NEVER accept to accelerate trip
  • Check your armor and health regularly
  • Avoid explosive devices (RPG, sticky bomb) when possible
  • Have snacks and armor ready before starting difficult setups and finale

Heist Prison

  1. Plane

  • Use Kuruma to clean up the airfield
  1. Bus

  • All get in a Kuruma and get to the bridge above the highway
  • Two snipe the driver from there
  • Two shoot at the chopper
  • One get the bus, 3 go back to the kuruma
  1. Station

Cargo crew

  • I found getting the parachute at the top of the crane the safest way to get to the car (only 2 kills). You will find the parachute at the top of the first crane, right above the container where the car is located
  • You’ll need to open it very quickly. Use R1+L1 to control your landing
  • (Maybe you should try that on a normal setup before starting the mastermind challenge)
  • Once in the Casco, keep your inventory open on snack and armor and fill as you get hurt
  • Don’t try to shoot at the enemies, it will attract the cops (that you will have to lose after)

Cop crew

  • Nothing difficult in particular
  1. Wet work

City hall team

I am having difficulties here when in the city hall team

  • Get a kuruma
  • Go to the RDV point
  • The crew on the right shot the guy on the right (white suit)
  • The crew on the left shot the guy on the left (black suit)
  • Use the Marksman rifle
  • Get back to the Kuruma and shot all the cops
  • Get the suitcase and go to the RDV

Mansion team

  • Get to the RDV point
  • Then follow the road to the house, pass the entrance and the first turn
  • Get into the house behind the small house
  • Go to the stairs that leads directly to the terrace where the business associate is reading a book. You should have only two guards to kill
  1.  Final

  • Pilot: The job of the pilot is relatively easy: when the jet appears, just go behind it and follow it. It will have a tendency to turn the side you are, so if you want it to turn left, stay on its left. The closer, the easier it is to make it turn. Use your landing gear if it starts to slow down too much to stay behind. Avoid flying above the prison. Land on the sandy airfield.
  • Demolition:  If the pilot is ok, once the chopper is secured, demolition should support the ground team from outside the prison. The issue here is that if you get too close from the prison, they start to launch rocket at you. Once the team is outside, demolition supports the transfer. Be careful with choppers flying above the velum, as they can destroy the airplane when they crash down
  • [Note: we actually played safe and demolition just stay standing doing nothing before the ground team left the prison)
  • Prisoner and cop: Be sure to be full in snack and armor before the mission. Before entering the prison, the cop needs to give some weapons and ammo to the prisoner (when selecting a weapon, use triangle to drop the weapon and circle to drop ammo). Use armor and snacks as needed, don’t rush.


Heist Humane Lab

Be started in the 4 integrity way building (closest place for code setup)

  1. Code

  • Use utility vest, stay on the observation point (south, north), stay cool
  • Call a mechanic to get a Kuruma once the area is cleaned
  1. Insurgent

  • Nothing particular
  • Use utility vest, stay cool, eat snacks
  1. EMP

  • Nothing particular
  • Use utility vest, stay cool, eat snacks
  1. Valkyrie

  • Use Kuruma to get to the chopper
  • Once in the chopper fly directly to the meeting point (North Alamo sea) and shot the incoming chopper from there using guided missile (it works very well)
  1.  Deliver EMP

  • No risk of dying there, except by stupid mistake, so don’t make a stupid mistake, such as going to the RDV in motorcycle and dying bumping on a donkey
  1. Finale

  • This one will be difficult. I propose to disconnect if we don’t get the chopper intact at the beach.
  • Land the chopper on the north of the lab and shot everything from the ground
  • To avoid taking the risk of crashing the chopper in the tiny beach, the ground crew swim to the beach next to the lab

Heist Series A

  1. Yacht

  • Landing the chopper is tough here, so the chopper will land on the beach east of the yacht and the chopper team will snipe to the boat
  • The boat crew make his way in the yacht and get all the drugs, escape using sea shark in the tunnel next to the yacht and wait
  • When everybody is done with loosing the cop, safely make your way to the meeting point
  1. Trash

  • Avoir RPG and grenade launcher if not 100% sure of safety
  1. Weed

  • Use utility vest
  • A good trick is to use the railway (under the tunnel) right at the sawmill to short cut all the mountain trip and just have the inventory opened on snack
  • Then follow the normal road up to the RDV point, having the inventory open on snack or armor
  1. Biker

  • Nothing particular
  • Don’t use explosive on your way back to the warehouse
  1. Hillbillies

  • Stay cool when attacking the farm and take cover to refill health and armor before its needed
  • Once at the truck, just drive straight to the RDV point with inventory open
  • Do not shoot at the enemy with any explosive
  1. Finale

  • Nothing special for the first part of the finale
  • Once in the trucks and on the highway, shoot the choppers
  • After a large bridge on the freeway, go to the right to take the railroad, the trip is safe from there. At the first switchpoint, go to the right. At the second switch point go to the left.


Heist Bank

  1. Vans

  • I usually use motorcycle, but would not recommend it for the challenge to avoid dying stupidly, so use cars with a large windshield to enable to take picture (e.g. Rhapsody). The navigator take the picture, not the driver.
  1. Signal

  • Get out of the boat at the second house with a pier in the north shore of the Alamo sea (a place called Galilee)
  • When getting out of the boat, request your mechanic a car convenient to lose the cop. Opinion diverged here: Adder to go fast or Sanchez to escape in the mountain. The player whom Avi is following uses the car
  1. Hack

  • Use your best driver on decoy and let him drive the van
  • One guy can pick up the van, while the three others get in a Kuruma and cleanup the area
  • When on decoy, just play safe. No bomb, don’t even use the guns, stay inside the van and have your inventory open
  1. Convoy

  • I recommend using the end of the bridge to block the convoy
  • Shot the first chopper with heavy sniper
  • I usually stay on the top of the small cliff and wait for the pick up insurgent and shot the turret guy
  • Once there are all dead, shot the coming choppers (three) before moving on. One player stay around to shot at the coming cars.
  • The 1st chopper appears east on the Alamo sea, the second chopper will be south, next to the radio station on the top of the Vinewood hill. The 3rd chopper will spawn next to you.
  • The rest is relatively easy. You can blow the coming truck faster by shooting at the fuel tank between the front and rear wheels

5 bikes

  • Go in Kuruma, shoot everybody from there to play safe
  • Then, when with the bike, drive slowly

6 finale

  • Restart the finale if you fail the crowd control
  • Put the helmet before leaving the bank (you are supposed to have the utility vest)
  • Go to the right on the ally
  • No RPG from inside the bank, be careful with player around, your rocket can kill your friends but it can kill you, so if a rocket bump into a player next to you, you die.
  • Motorcycle your way up to the parachute point (There are many options for this part of the finale, I found the motorcycle to be the safest, I never had a chance to try to get a kuruma from a garage)
  • Once in the parachute, don’t act stupid. If your landing is too short or too long, just land safely and walk
  • The guy driving the dinghy, don’t try to pick other players, leave the river very carefully

2 thoughts on “A guide for the elite mastermind challenge

  1. Good stuff.

    Couple other things if they help anyone:

    For Prison Break- Wet Work, if on City Hall team w/randoms and/or no mics I just minigun both targets myself haha.

    For Pacific Standard – Vans, if similar circumstances choose to be Navigator. Drivers aren’t needed, navigator can drive/photgraph while drivers can do next to nada if they or you as navigator want.

    For Pacific Standard Finale I find it easy to steal first lone police car you see after getting bikes (should only need to kill ~2 police for it), or even Riot Van if it spawns, then ignore yellow checkpoints and go straight to Dinghy in Raton Canyon, np. Everyone can get in that type of vehicle and be very safe/not lose $ also.

  2. Oh yeah, and pretty much whenever needing to lose police I just go somewhere underground or train tunnel, wherever’s closest. For instance Prison Break- Police Station, Cargo Ship team can enter underground via “Down the Drain” (race) area quite quickly. If in a downtown area often the “Quick Getaway” underground entrance is nearby. But then again, most players know how to lose police, but in a pinch these places can help.

    With non-police enemy pursuants: off-roading can help lower risk of them harming you greatly. Enemy ground vehicles- police or otherwise tend to only spawn on roads, so keeping away from them can mean far less of them.

    And if needing to get far across map and wanting to avoid enemy ground vehicles- there are many major train track routes that traverse across the map.

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