PSN – Schools Out! May crew party review


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Good morning Ladies.

You will have to excuse me as I am currently nursing a hangover from a 2 day Crew party session.

So last night was the PS3 party. Lets review it shall we? 

I must admit this was a big weekend for me in terms of the crew in general. I was getting a little bit tired as I have lots of work to do in real life and to be honest if this weekend was not a success I would have had to give serious thought into how to handle future parties. The parties will always occur it was just the case of in what form.

Thankfully it was a roaring success! One of the best ones so far in my opinion. Why? Well lets see with my tried and tested good, bad and ugly review.


Grody takes the time to give the thumbs up during the Shot Putt fiasco. Its not like she had anything else to do whilst being penned up inside a box. 


+ We had a nice solid amount of people again right through the evening. Usually we had 12 or so in a session and it was quite clunky at times as we had to change into our school uniforms etc but nobody complained and you all got on with things as you waited.

+ Speaking of the uniforms, I am so happy with all of you! I expected some of you in uniforms and some of you not to bother due to not reading the blog etc. But everybody turned up in uniforms or put one in promptly when asked to via the crew announcement thing on Social Club (Which is soooo handy). I think we only had one member who didnt wear a uniform and that was because they joined the party mid way through which is understandable.

+ Again on the uniforms, we had VaasCry3 who is a low level (24 at the time I think) who couldnt afford the uniform! I must admit in these days of prosperity in Los Santos sometimes we forget about the lower level people in the crew. I was very proud when we all chipped in by setting bounties etc that Vaas could cash in on to get her uniform. It was a nice moment and something that we excel at as a crew.


VaasCry3 looking good in her benefits uniform.

+ Communications, people were very good at this last night. If people had problems connecting etc they told me, if they couldnt attend, they told me. Its very important that this continues to happen.

+ New people – We had a couple of members who joined their first party last night. GT5 seemed to have a good night even though she did have some connection issues and it was nice to get Shot ya Ass 420 in as well though they had to work later in the evening, I just love the fact that they still turned up to squeeze as much party time in as they could. I really do appreciate it.

+ The playlists all went well. Sadly we never got round to the Homework section (more on this later) as we had so many games to play. This is not a bad thing as it just means we can use them for the next party. I think pretty much every game worked well too, well with the exception of one, but even that one got no complaints which was nice and got some sympathy thumbs up votes!

+ Grody came through with a great playlist for the prom which was even more impressive seeing as she has been working feverishly on real life school work all month.

+ And special praise for Dondara this month. She agreed to help out with the party, creating a fun game for us to play in Raton Canyon and being very helpful in starting and hosting the playlists. I seem to have trouble sometimes connecting to people so she was very useful and did her job with the utmost of ease! Im hoping to bring you into the process more if you accept of course!

+ My realisation of how to make a race that pleases everybody! This is easy, I just take two opposite ends of the spectrum. Alleks is a pure racer, she enjoys proper realistic races, Scuba is a lunatic who enjoys ramps and loops and danger of death etc. If I make a creation that meets in the middle of these two I am on to a winner I think!


Blondie doesnt like to share her food at lunch, here she is having a crafty sausage roll whilst hiding behind a car.


+ Yeah my Shot Putt game was flawed as I didnt notice that one of the pens was open! It was a bit of a problem when both shot putters died and the cannon fodder were left inside the boxes!

+ Only a slight gripe but I would love to see some of the older members of the crew joining us (where possible obviously). I miss the people who I “grew up” with in GTA.

+ Those clowns with their bloody grenade launchers!!

+ Still a lack of photos (can you people not sit still for 2 minutes!?) But the ones that were taken were very nice!

+ The lack of creations submitted by people. We have lots of talented people in this crew and I want to show your work off, im not doing it for me im doing it for you! We did get GLAM submitting stuff which is great as she always comes through with this type of thing and a new member called oorek1oo submitted a couple which was awesome and I think they are going to become a very good member so keep an eye out for them! But in terms of everyone else, you must have at least one creation to share! The lack of response was disappointing to say the least.


Kindersurprise adding her own touch of flair to the School Uniform whilst Alleks modifies Grodys car with a bike. 


+ Ok time to rant a little bit here. Its bugged me for a while so here goes. There are people in this crew who NEVER join in with anything. I find this behaviour to be weird to be honest. I am a big proponent of playing your game however you want and dont expect people to drop everything to join in on certain things but when there is a crew party going on and the people who have arranged the party have spent ALL MONTH creating things for the crew, giving their personal time not only to creating these games but also to host them, to post in the blog, etc etc the least thing you could do is join the party when you are online playing GTA at the same bloody time! To be honest though im probably preaching to the choir there as anybody reading this will not do these things Im sure but its so frustrating for me to see someone online who I have never met and me being nice and stuff tries to invite people to get them involved and they just ignore you. One moment pissed me off greatly last night, only a minor thing but somebody forcibly rejected an invite to one of our playlists.

Listen im sorry we are annoying you by sending invites to you for things that we have spent all month on to entertain you but seriously if you dont join in on our monthly parties then why the fuck are you in this crew??

Worst part is I cant even remember who it was so im moaning at nobody here but seriously it annoys me!

So yes rant over, it doesnt matter as the weekend was a great success.

As mentioned earlier I also attended the PS4 party and it seems that things are going well again over there. There were some great creations on show, the car meet worked well, it was nice to meet some new people and talk to them on mic and im delighted for Scuba as he puts a shit ton of work in for us and I dont think he was getting the respect he deserved for it the past few months. This month though was spot on and I hope to be able to help out next month too.


The girls preparing for School Sports Day. 

So yeah thats it! Thanks everybody, I am really proud of how our parties went this month, here is to the June parties!



3 thoughts on “PSN – Schools Out! May crew party review

  1. merci muhmuhhuh de m’avoir cité dans le blog! merci pour votre travail c’etait genial dommage que je maitrise pas tres bien l’anglais, ce qui m empeche de reagir vite.. mais je vous aime toutes les filles! toi aussi muhmuhhuh je t’aime! i love pussi riot

  2. Yes, it was my shot that killed us both. I was hoping for a ‘Lord of the Flies’ scenario in the pen.

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