PS4 – The Annual Pussi Riot Vacation

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Poor Molly can’t be arsed this month and I reckon I know why…She needs a holiday!

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All that overtime she’s been putting in at Fleeca hasn’t been enough to pay for that lovely new chrome Osiris that she claims to everyone that she doesn’t want. But if truth be known its more to do with the fact that Blondie has been borrowing cash off her left right and centre and Grody has been causing her to lose all her no claims bonus on vehicle repairs…Poor Molly 😥
So this coming Saturday (May 27) we will party like we’ve never partied before as we’re going to join Ms Holywell on a week long vacation to San Andreas’s warmer resorts (btw that’s a week in GTA time which equates to an evening in real time!)

Now the first thing you do when your about to set off on your holidays is to make sure you’ve packed everything you need in your suitcase. So make sure you have your passport, sun tan lotion, and shades with ya. You’re also gonna need to make sure you have the right outfit for the right occasion. Obviously you’re gonna need that skimpy bikini to show off the bod  you’ve been working on down at the gym since New Years. But this is a Pussi Riot vacation so you’re gonna be taking part in all kinds of activities that the tour rep has put on. So make sure to pack a sturdy pair of walking boots and a rain coat, as the last thing you need is to get caught in a thunder storm with just your heels!

We’ll then all meet up at LS International Airport where we will take to the skies in order to embark on our journey to the first mystery exotic destination. I say mystery coz  not even the pilot knows where we’re going yet….But I’m sure it will all be fine.

Once we’ve had plenty of opportunity to sun ourselves, take a dip in the sea and take in some of the sights we’ll start the first playlist. Which this month has been specially selected by our tour guide (coz its a budget package deal) So don’t go blaming Scuba if the races are too hard or if there’s not enough death matches coz she didn’t get to chose the activities ok! ;-P

Flight of the Osiris


For many of us the highlight of the recent DLC was the introduction of the Pegassi Osiris. Finally a car in GTA that is as beautiful as it is fast. It’s also a very sturdy and versatile car that can cope easily with most conditions.

Now the most prominent feature on this admittedly over priced super car is its gull wing doors. But apart from been a swish way to get in and out of your car these doors serve no other purpose

………………………………………..OR DO THEY??

I’ve devised a little free roam party game which involves climbing to the top of Ratton Canyon to the bridge where you jump off at the end of the Pacific Standard Heist finale.

You will then need to phone for your Osiris. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one as we need passengers to be able to pull this trick off.

We will then take it in turns in pairs to hurtle at top speed off the cliff’s edge and then at the optimum moment both driver and passenger will exit the Osiris and parachute to safety. The car should then glide for some time before coming to a stop.

The winner will be the pair who manage to get the Osiris to fly the furthest.

The Finale

We haven’t stormed the military base at the end of a party for quite some time now. So lets do just that! It should be especially fun now that many of have Hydra’s, Valkyries and Savages. We could also try air lifting Rhino’s and Insurgents with Cargo Bobs.

This isn’t strictly part of the tour operators list of planned activities. But I’m sure Bobcat will have killed the tour guide before we even take off in the first place, so who gives a fuck what they want us to do and in which order?

We are Pussi Riot, so we don’t need no jumped up lil nazi to tell us what we can do or when we can do it.

All this sound good to you? Well just make sure your online this Saturday night where your hosts – Raging Red, Laquered Duck, and Scuba_Christ will make this a holiday to remember 😉

PS3 – The June party update – The Can’t be arsed do whatever you want party

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Good evening everybody!

I trust you are all well and enjoying your overpriced Osiris’ and ugly Windsors not the mention those “lovely” shiny gold planes and clothes?

But enough of the chit chat, it’s time to divulge some information on this months Pussi Riot monthly party.

Now I am sure the title of this post has got you wondering, well it isn’t a trick but it is a theme of sorts!

This month has been a little bit hectic, I am starting a new job (In real life… I am never leaving Fleeca…) Grody has been rather busy too and hey its summer (kind of) so let us enjoy it too! Also I am watching the women’s world cup so that has taken up a lot of my time this month incase you are wondering why I have been quite quiet this month!

So the theme of this months party is…I cant be arsed!

I should point out to out foreign members that cant be arsed means cant be bothered, too lazy etc etc.

So here is the deal… we will have a bunch of playlists cobbled together by various members of our crew. Over the next week i will be delving in to the vaults to see what games could do with a good dusting off and also what new games are worth a look. We are also going to use some playlists and creations that were left on the cutting floor of past parties or ones we just didnt get to do at the time (like last months Homework section for example)

So again if anybody wants one of their creations adding just make sure it’s useable for 16 players. It would also be nice if some races etc were edited to include the latest updates cars so we can have fun thrashing around with them too!

So do we have a dress code? Well yes we do! Kind of. in a cant be arsed kind of way….

The dress code for this month is to just be as random and slobby as you can be. Have you ever wanted to wear the jogging pants but were worried that people would laugh at you for looking scruffy? Alternately do you usually dress “tough” but have thought that just for once you would like to wear that lovely little flowery dress but were scared that you would lose cool points with the other members? Will this is the time to do it! Beer hat with a suit? No problemo! Bring it on.

And what about cars? Hey if you want to bust out your Chrome Adder then feel free! This month it is totally up to you! Just try to look as ridiculous as you can. For example my without a suit on will look odd right?

And thats it really. I cant even be arsed to add any photos to this!

Ah screw it, you can have one picture, everybody loves cute animals right?


Oh! Dates,  26th June at 21:00 (for now anyway!) yeah be there…if you can be arsed!