Fan art – Randy’s concept art for the Cheetah of 2019

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Hi Rioters!

My name is Randy and if you meet me in San Andreas I will probably be driving my Cheetah.

She and I have had a lot of adventures together and I love her, but shes getting older every day. So I wondered what the Cheetah of the future might be like.

Below are some of my ideas, see what you think!

Hopefully see you soon, and remember if you’re getting trolled by some idiot call up your Rioter crew mates and we will come and help!

XXX Randy

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Xbox 360 – Group Chat

Hello to all of my rioters!  Just a quick post for you all 😉  

Sometimes we can’t all be on social club or may just want to say Hi to the other rioters, or even ask for help on heists, missions, etc  So I have created a group chat for us on groupme.  It’s really simple to use and even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can use your laptop and login from there.   So, here’s the link, signup when you can and come join in and let us know your gamertag so we will know who is who.  Hope to see you all soon.  ~MzRabbit

Tunez – Siouxsie and the Banshees – Spellbound

From the cradle bars, comes a beckoning voice

My favourite song from one of the biggest and best punk rock bands of all time, Siouxsie and the Banshees.

The band was lead by Siouxsie Sioux, the uncompromising, ur-gothic, queen of punk. If her vocals weren’t radical enough, then her eye make-up defiantly is. As one of the leading voices in punk rock, Siouxsie is one of the most badass women of the 20th Century – creating a new form of music with her distinctive vocals and quirky beats, while inadvertently creating a massive subculture with her fearless, iconic look and geometric eyeliner.

All hail the Queen of Goths and the Queen of Punk Rock!

Xbox 360 – July Crew Party Announcement!

Welcome to the pussi riot army recruitment centre. Well we have a few options that we think will work for you!


So this months 360 Crew party is military themed, however, we won’t just be blowing stuff sky high (don’t get angry, we will do this aswell Sonic. I know how you love to bliw things up! :D). So, as I was saying, we won’t just be blowing stuff up. We will have a whole war! No, all of you older folk, you don’t have to clean your glasses, we are going to war… with ourselves.

‘How can we go to our war with ourselves, that is just stupid. Why are you so stupid? You anger me by being so stupid! Aaaaaaaagh!’

Ok, ok calm down and stop throwing things! Following will be two recruitment posters for the two sides of the war. (1) Merryweather Security Special Forces (2) The Pussi Riot R.A.T.s (see how we did that. You know because the PS side have the riot alpha task force for deathmatches, we can use just the name for the crew party!)

Both sides have their pros and their cons and you will have the opportunity to choose a side. Then when we’re all dressed up we will play a variety of “training” games in a playlist.

So let me show you all the recruitment posters, just know that you can’t choose any side yet untill the next post when I give you each teams uniforms and details.

Collage 2015-07-13 09_02_45

Collage 2015-07-09 11_43_29

PS3 – Need For Speed: Los Santos


I would’ve gone for the more crew specific ‘Need For Pussi’, but you know…

On PSNPussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog

What has always bugged me about this game, apart from the bugs and lack of actual bugs, is that it never truly lived up to it’s potential as a proper street racing game. Rockstar has tried to bring theirs, Midnight Club, into the world of GTA, but it just didn’t turn out the way it should have. That however doesn’t mean we can’t create our own racing game!

I grew up playing Need for Speed, starting with ‘Porsche 2000’ back in, well 2000 obviously and all the way up to Need For Speed: Undercover in 2008 and later switched over to Midnight Club LA. My personal favourite has always been Need For Speed: Carbon. The thing that made Carbon stand out was that it cut up the city into different territories where a crew with a certain vehicle type reigned supreme (e.g. a muscle car crew in the industrial areas). You could gain and lose territory by beating or losing to the other crews around the city. I’d like to bring that dynamic to our new monthly racing event, so I too have cut up the city into different areas.

(Click for larger zoomable map)


  • Yellow = Muscle
  • Blue = Supers
  • Green = Sports
  • Orange = Sports Classics

The rules of the game are quite simple

Each colour represents a vehicle type used to race in that territory exclusively. Every territory has a local racing champion crew. Each month the territory and title of local champion has to be defended. To do that, the champion has to create a playlist with 4 races at least one week before the start of the event and win the playlist. The requirements for the races are down below. If the territory is successfully defended, the champion has to do defend their territory again the next month and may choose to create new races or use the old ones. If someone else wins, the territory and titles of local champion are theirs and they´ll have to defend their new found fame next month, but unlike successful defenders, have to create new races.

Racers are allowed to form racing crews with fellow Rioters, but are restricted to a maximum of 3 members. If a crew wins, they win collectively, meaning that all of it’s members may create the races for the next month. The final score of a crew is the final scores of it’s members divided by the number of members. This is so that crews don’t have an unfair advantage over single player racers.

If a player who has become a champion wins another playlist, the player in second place will become the champion.

For a race to be eligible:

  • It has to be in the territory to be defended. Minor crossovers into other territories are permitted.
  • The vehicle class has to be set to the vehicle class of the territory.

Race settings:

  • Standard race (no gta or non-contact)
  • Traffic on
  • Slipstream off
  • Catch-up off
  • Custom vehicles on

Signing up is quick and easy

You can sign up by filling out the contact form below. Normally I wouldn’t ask you to sign-up, but community effort is needed to run this monthly event, so please only sign-up if you are willing to create and partake in races. If you are ever absent, you may ask someone to take your place, just make sure you send me, Grody, a PM on the SC.

And last but certainly not least

We need provisional local champions, so for the first race day you may sign up as one of the four local champs. It’s first come first serve, so don’t wait too long. A date for the first instalment of the monthly Need For Speed: Los Santos will be picked when every class has a champion.

The champions are:

  • Muscle:
  • Supers:
  • Sports:
  • Sports Classics: