PC – Crafty B*ggers – Pussi Riot…Minecraft style!

Molly in our new studio apartment

Good evening everybody. Long time no speak….well type i suppose actually.

I trust you are all well. Dont worry, I do not have a bad case of pixelitis as you can see in the photograph above, far from it, I am here to announce the new Pussi Riot super duper Minecraft server of DOOM!

Ok so the DOOM part was going a little bit too far….

So, what the hell is going on you may ask? Well after much discussion between me and Grody we have decided that there are a lot of crew members out there that we never really get to play with due to having different consoles/platforms etc and we wanted to think of a fun way to get everyone together every once in a while. So we thought about what games do people play often that are easy, accessible and fun. Well Minecraft on the PC is the obvious answer!

Obviously we are still dedicated to GTA but sometimes its nice to escape Los Santos and the constant heisting or invites to $$$$$$ + 10000000000RP invites (sounds legit…) so Grody has set up a lovely survival server.

Through our discussions we have decided that there is more to this crew than just GTA as we have some pretty cool members on here so we would love to get a proper server going with 20 odd crew members on there all digging and building our way to a lovely Riot Utopia.

So far we have three members on here (me, Grody, ExLee) and would love, love, LOVE to see some more of you. It would be doubly awesome to see some people who may have fallen out of love with GTA (you know who you all are) as we think you are lovely people and would love to continue socialising with you in one form or another so we think this is the perfect way.

So please, if this interests you just PM,Email, send smoke signals etc to me or Grody and lets get you into the game. I can provide avatars for people if required that will match your Riot look but of course you can wear/be whatever you want! Just get in here!


Hope to see you around!



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