PC – The Minecraft Wall of Inspiration

This space isn’t really of any use to the non-minecrafters in the crew. We use this page to post images for group projects to draw inspiration from. That way we’ll hopefully have the same ideas when working on group projects.


My family’s coat of arms. This is where the red and yellow colour scheme on my banners comes from.



Grody: This used to be my fam’s castle in the old days. Not very castle-ish, but it doesn’t hurt to think out of the block.

UBL01_P325N252, 7/23/09, 1:32 PM, 8C, 4442x2453 (3172+3948), 100%, JULI 2009 LT20, 1/240 s, R38.3, G9.8, B10.2

Another view of the castle


Location of the castle within the town of Grave, the city of counts. The castle switched hands many times after the 1400s due to conquest, as it was a very strategic location. Therefore the castle was modified beyond recognition until it was finally demolished to make way for more and more modern fortifications.

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