The Great Pussi(y) Riot Video Competition

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Hey Little Riot Girl. You’re a member of the most ass-kicking crew on GTA. Two years in and we’re still fighting strong!

On PSNPussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog

We have the best and most creative members in the game with the most bitchin’ name and crew tag!

If you don’t know who the real ‘Pussy Riot’ are then have a read of Binchen’s excellent article on the group who inspired not only our name but also our attitude!

So don’t you think its about time we said thankyou to anarchic namesakes?

Us gals have always been a creative bunch, our crew parties are chaotic, fun and inspirational. We’ve won countless Snapmatic competitions. We have some seriously talented artists in our midst, and our WordPress website is overloaded with creative articles on all kinds of subjects.

We also have our own YouTube video channel in Pussi Riot Productions where our members have uploaded their own imaginative clips which highlights what can be achieved with a bit of team work…

These videos were painstakingly put together using capture cards and PC editing software and were a real labor of love. However now things have just got a whole lot easier.

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that on Current Gen consoles, Rockstar gave us a new video creation tool called Rockstar Editor as part of the Freemode Events update, which PC gamers have enjoyed playing with for some time.

This easy to use video creation tool is now available to everyone on PC and ‘Current Gen’ consoles, and even if you’ve never dabbled in making videos before, you’ll definitely have fun dabbling with the editor’s crazy camera angles, slo-mo and filters 🙂

Your chance to win $1,250,000 in game cash!!!

gw shark card

To become the lucky winner of the Great White Shark Card which is worth $1,250,000 of in-game money, you will need to create a video clip that is no more than 3 minutes long on the theme of the real Pussy Riot. So girls in colourful balaclavas rocking out and causing chaos (sound familiar?) Then you will need to upload it to YouTube in at least 720p resolution.

The deadline for all entries is Thursday, November 5th 2015 and all you have to do to enter is send me the link to your finished clip.

This competition is open to everyone in the crew across all platforms including last gen members – remember gals limitations can lead to great art! 😉

The Pussi Riot do Pussy Riot – Crew Party

To help and inspire you to get the footage you need, this months PS4 crew party on Saturday October 3rd from 8pm GMT will be on the theme of Pussy Riot – so all attending will need to wear coloured balaclavas. Or alternatively if you own a cop uniform you could wear that so we can get some melee action violence shots!

We will have the usual mix of Free Mode challenges along with some great new playlists and in between we can do some rocking out on stage or on top of a tank or whatever else takes your fancy!

Hopefully other platforms will organise something similar around the same time, as you have roughly 7 weeks from now before the competition closes.

Remember good communication is essential in video shoots as is team work. So my advice is get chatting and get creative!


Scuba 😉

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