The Molly and Grody Christmas Radio Show


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Seasons greetings to you all! (kind of…)

Now anybody who knows me at all knows that I can be a miserable git and Christmas time is no exception!

I will be honest with you ladies, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. I like presents obviously but I am not much of a drinker, don’t like eating too much and hate being forced to be jolly! The time off work is nice….

So where am I going with this? Well that my friends is totally up to you!

As the Molly show was a great success and also borrowing off the excellent Radio Gaga (who we all miss dearly, Gaga if you are reading this get in touch eh? We would love to see you in LS again as its just not the same without you!) I have decided to combine the two in an attempt to give not only myself but the rest of our crew members a bit of Christmas cheer.

So the idea is as follows, and yes me and Grody (who i have roped in to helping me, hence the name of the show) will need your help. Without your help it cant happen!

On Christmas Eve me and Grody (Grody and I..?) shall release the Molly and Grody Christmas Radio Show. The idea is something nice to listen to on Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning or just generally whilst playing on GTA over the holidays. You can do what the hell you want to do with it to be honest, we dont really care as long as you do something!

The show will work as follows….

It will be roughly 80 minutes and will feature me and Grody “ringing” fellow crew members on Christmas morning to ask what they got for Christmas (In character!), what Christmas messages they have for people and to just shoot the breeze with each other.

Now i know what you are thinking here…most of us are hairy old men and it will kind of ruin the mistique right? Well fear ye not, I have grabbed myself a text to voice generator which can do an array of female voices.

I am sure you are also thinking “they are ringing me on Xmas day? they dont even have my number, and thats weird…”

Well no we dont have your number! And we aint ringing you! From today until the release of the show me and Grody will send small scripts to every person who wants to be involved (Like i did for the Molly Show), all you have to do is fill the gaps in and send them back to us and we will make the magic happen, it really is that easy and it wont take you much work!

Along with the general chit chat we will also be playing ALTERNATIVE Christmas songs because if I hear Mariah bloody Carey over Christmas one more time I will put my foot through the radio. We are looking for metal songs, rap songs, pan pipes if that floats your boat, just anything that isnt obvious. I have tons to choose from here but I would really prefer the crew to provide me with stuff.

So to summise what you have to do to help me and Grody….

+ PM/Email/Respond to this post?send a telegram whatever…. to me or Grody and just let us know you want to join in. If you dont “do” Christmas thats no problem either. Tell us that on the show and we can just play something else for you as long as its fairly jingly.

+ Fill out a paragraph or two response when we send you your part of the script and choose a song you want us to play.

+ Open your ears and listen. (after downloading or streaming the show obviously….)

So that’s it. Are you in? Please be in, this will be rather important to me! I need people to contribute here!

Ho Ho Ho!

yeah that really didnt suit me….

Bah Humbug!



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