Operation sweepity-swoop

Operation Sweepity-Swoop will commence on Friday November 27

Have you ever seen our list of Muscle level Rioters? If you’ve been in the Riot for awhile, you will have noticed that the list has become quite extensive. The majority of these people we don’t know and are active in different crews.

Our crew has always stood for quality over quantity. It prides us to be able to call ourselves Rioters. However our exclusivity has dwindled over the past two years. Our original rules have become less strict or have disappeared altogether.

Therefor the majority of the commission has decided to clean up the Riot at the muscle level. That means kicking muscle who do not have the Riot as their active crew. We realize that among them are members that you know, play with and want to keep in. That’s why we need your help to clean up the crew! And here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re a muscle level member, set Pussi Riot as your active crew on the big day.
  • If you’re a rep, you have nothing to fear. You’ve proven your loyalty and effort.
  • If you’re a lieutenant, you know the muscle level members who regularly play with crews other than the Riot. If you want to keep them in, please contact Grody, and we’ll make sure they’re whitelisted.
  • If you’re a commissioner, I’m surprised you’re reading this bit and I’m even more surprised as to why you’re still reading.
  • If you’re the boss, I’m very surprised you’re reading this.

To make sure everyone gets the message, we’ll be sending daily reminders for the next 7 days through in-game messages.

The cleaning of the muscle level crew will be followed by a stricter recruiting policy to make sure we get the coolest cats into the coolest crew.

Thank you for understanding. Together we can make the Riot great again! Go crew!


(A rare sighting of a wild Grody foraging for muscle)

 The current Whitelist:

  • ap4321
  • BrikS94.6SanG
  • Chopperrr
  • CrazyMom061320
  • iFruitGusherz
  • Johnny_M17
  • LadiieLo
  • Pevabe

2 thoughts on “Operation sweepity-swoop

  1. Well I’m a Commish and I read the bloody lot LOL
    Personally I don’t think that the reps should be safe either. We’ve promoted a lot recently who have since jumped ship to other crews or have stopped playing GTA altogether. We’re also gonna need a new set of rules as we need to improve a lot of areas.
    I reckon doing this will make us more of a family again though.

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