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Ho Ho Ho!

No I am not insulting you all (for a change), far from it in fact, I am just getting into the swing of things. After a festive Egg Nog me and Grody decided to release a Christmas version of our Radio Show (that has never happened…but pretend like it has OK?)

So yay! A new Radio show from our two hostesses with the…mostestness? That doesnt work really does it?

Anyway as you may remember the plan was to be that we interview some people from the crew and knock together a lovely radio show with musical requests and surprise guests. Well we only got 2 people responding (I am sensing a theme here..) so we decided to take a slightly different route and just force some Christmas music on you, but its not your normal Christmas fayre, oh no, that simply wouldn’t do. This is an Alternative Christmas playlist. See i am not much of a Christmas person (or a person in general…) and Traditional Christmas music makes me want to Grinch out majorly. I imagine a few of you are like that so hopefully this will get you through the holidays with a bit of festive cheer.

We got a couple of music requests and me being an idiot has forgotten to put half the request into the playlist (I knocked it together in one night very close to Christmas and was stressed out by it so sorry!) so I would like to say thanks to Stardust, Ferindar (awesome choice by the way) and possibly Kinder and Staa as I couldn’t quite tell if they were suggesting songs for the list or just randomly posting them….

So without further ado, lets get on with the playlist.

OK I lied, there is some ado…. the video will tell you what songs are being played at the time (I’m nice like that) and there are random Christmas comedy clips strewn about the show from various movies and TV show.

So yes, deck your halls, polish your baubles and jingle your bells, the Molly and Grody Christmas Radio Show is upon us…..

Please do all the usual stuff, leave a comment, like it, tell em it sucks, anything! Just do something….



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