Xbox 360 – July Crew Party Announcement!

Welcome to the pussi riot army recruitment centre. Well we have a few options that we think will work for you!


So this months 360 Crew party is military themed, however, we won’t just be blowing stuff sky high (don’t get angry, we will do this aswell Sonic. I know how you love to bliw things up! :D). So, as I was saying, we won’t just be blowing stuff up. We will have a whole war! No, all of you older folk, you don’t have to clean your glasses, we are going to war… with ourselves.

‘How can we go to our war with ourselves, that is just stupid. Why are you so stupid? You anger me by being so stupid! Aaaaaaaagh!’

Ok, ok calm down and stop throwing things! Following will be two recruitment posters for the two sides of the war. (1) Merryweather Security Special Forces (2) The Pussi Riot R.A.T.s (see how we did that. You know because the PS side have the riot alpha task force for deathmatches, we can use just the name for the crew party!)

Both sides have their pros and their cons and you will have the opportunity to choose a side. Then when we’re all dressed up we will play a variety of “training” games in a playlist.

So let me show you all the recruitment posters, just know that you can’t choose any side yet untill the next post when I give you each teams uniforms and details.

Collage 2015-07-13 09_02_45

Collage 2015-07-09 11_43_29

Xbox (360) – April Crew Party


Aaahh April. The smell of freshly cut grass, the flowers blooming again and the sun is finally peeking its head out from behind the clouds. It’s also a great time to get fit and healthy for swim suit season…

Hey everyone, guess who’s back!! Ok you twisted my nostril, I’ll tell ya. It’s ME!! My exams start very soon but I have managed to make time for my xbox and of course pussi riot and studying.

Back to the point of this post, it’s april and we need to have a crew party. The theme for this month is Sports! (I hate them in real life but there’s something mesmerising about pressing A over and over and over again).

We will start the night at 8.30pm GMT(0) (UK time) on this Saturday coming (25th of April) just like last month when sonic hosted the party which I hear was a great success! (Sorry I missed it). Speaking of which, since Sonic’s party went so well he and defryc are going to help me out so thanks guys!

When we get into the lobby we will all get into our best sports outfits (TIP: You can make them before hand and save them in your outfits list, I suggest making a beach outfit, a golf outfit and a tennis one). After we finish getting ready we will all head over to the Los Santos Golf Course and have a small tournament, don’t worry if you aren’t very good, it’ll be fun either way. This does depend on how many people show up though and we know some people just hate the game so if, when Friday comes, you guys/gals don’t want to play this we can just skip past it.

Then we’ll play a playlist of specially made games (thank you defryc)

After this we will mess around at the beach e.g play pirates, go yachting etc, etc. Then we can play some rounds of tennis, but again like the golf if you don’t enjoy this game we can pass by it. Finally we will just play sports related games and do some fun parachute jumps (not for points, only in free roam, up in raton canyon after jumping from motorcycles). This won’t be heavily structured, except for the playlist the rest of the night will take place in free roam. See you all soon!! 😀

I should note that we’re still planning this so it might not play exactly like this and we have a ton of other ideas so all you have to do is bring your pretty self to los santos!! 🙂

See you all soon, well you know what I mean…

Collage 2015-03-18 21_59_19


I know I could’ve just wrote a small post on the social club but to be honest this crew is more important to me than that…

I know gta is ‘just a game’ but you guys/girls aren’t just sounds that live in the internet machine. Since I joined the crew over a year ago I have met so many amazing people. You guys have made me laugh so much I’ve cried, you’ve encouraged me to get on with studying when I had exams (or scared me into it, eltax) and you’ve all been some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to play games with, and I’ve been playing for a long time.

Anyway the reason I’m writing this is because when it comes to a choice between studying and playing gta I’m sure you can all guess what wins. I’ve thought about this a lot for the past few weeks and I’ve made the decision that, after this week, I’m going to take all of my xboxes and I’m going to pack them away.

I’m still in school for you guys on the playstation side that haven’t spoken to me and don’t know that (sorry scuba I eh, I, I was busy? 😉 ). When I leave (school) I want to go to university and study history, eventually I want to become a history teacher. In order to do that I need certain grades, grades I can’t get when I procrastinate on gta. Which brings me to what I’m going to do: On Sunday night I’m taking my xboxes and packing them away that way I won’t be able to play gta rather than study maths. I will unpack them when my exams are finished in May/June. Then I’ll play untill August but then it’s going back away for quite a long time. I’m not going to leave the crew but I’m not going to be very active here, at least not for a while. You have all been awesome and I’m going to play every night from now untill Sunday then that’s me. I’ll miss you all but I know it’s the right choice and I know this might seem dramatic for a goodbye but like I said earlier you guys haven’t just been other players, you’ve been my friends. People I would never meet in real life who have become very good friends. Now I better go to the doctor and get some pills to help with the upcoming xbox/gta withdrawal symptoms.

Wish me luck!! 😀

Xbox (360) – February Crew Party

Collage 2015-02-24 21_01_44

Hey everyone, so sorry this post is late this month has been hectic for me…

So before I start I want to thank Robin, aka Gta (on the SC). They gave me the idea for this months crew party.

It will be a sort of story based party. So I’m sure you guys have all noticed how much fun we have when we just mess around at the parties (during the unstructured parts) so that’s what this month will be.

So we will all jump into our meth vans or caravans what ever you want to call them. Then we drive out to Raton canyon and “survive”. There will be some structure of course. when we get out there we will play a large game of hide and seek in a set area in free roam. Then we will move onto a cliff side fight and then we will do some mountain climbing races and parachuting all while messing around and just having a laugh.

The party will take place this Friday, the 27th of February. See you all there. Also I want to say that sonic has now been named (by me), the official xbox 360 pussi riot event coordinator and shamalamadingdong (ha, ha that’s not a real position) because of his great work at the last crew party. 😀


Xbox (360) – Throwback Party Review

Collage 2015-01-28 15_05_12

Sorry this is late everyone. I’ll jump right into it!

So the January crew party theme was throwback. So we all dressed up as characters from older Rockstar Games, it was meant to be in January (obviously) but due to server issues we pushed it back a week.

At the beggining of the night we all jumped into a closed crew session where we got dressed as our characters. They were all really good. I was Tommy Verceti from Vice City, Sonic was Candy Suxx from Vice City, defryc was Zoey from Bully, eltax was a commoner from Red Dead Redemption and there were a few more :). After we got dressed we launched the first playlist. 

This was the worst part of the night. The missions themselves were fun, they were based around past games but this is where server issues kicked in. The games began glitching like mad and eventually we went back to free roam. It was pretty laggy there to and I was seriously considering giving up but I want to give a HUGE thank you to Silver Sonic who was all like

“Bitch please we’re doing this party!” 

And I was all like

“But there’s so much lag”

And he was all like

“Oh hell to the no! We are gonna party!” 

Ok so that conversation never happened but sonic opened a new invite only session and we had our fat single and ready to mingle house party


Okay so it never went as well as this picture but it was fun. We messed around for a bit and then we launched the second playlist which was a great laugh with little to no lag! The jobs in this one were well created and based around memorable game moments. 

Back to free roam this is were the night got really fun! We messed around and partied the pussi riot way, you all know what that means. We blew shit up and had an all out war with each other. Now for those of you that don’t know mine and sonics CHARACTERS (we make a point to letting people know it’s characters) are dating but we’re like, like… eh like Ross and Rachael from friends. We get together then brake up (then kill each other) then get back together then brake up over and over again with a lot of shower sex in between. Anyway we broke up, went to a pool party…

0_0-9 0_0-11 tbcp

I have to say that this was our shortest brake up yet! I always feel bad for defryc when we brake up, he’s like the kid during his parents divorce. A few other things happened here. Sonic and Eltax spoke about their new arrangement, were eltax gets me at weekends and sonic gets me on week days and I was like

“I’m not a child!”

Then they made fun of my Scottish accent again (bullys) but it was all in good fun.

After ths we decided to have a garden party so we all got dressed up in those big ugly hipster dresses…


Unfortunately I never got to stay around for the actual garden party but we’re in pussi riot so I can guess what happened…


Anyway, the night was fun, thanks to everyone that showed up. I think the best part of these parties is always near the end. Sure the playlists are fun and we have a good laugh but when we get down to it the unstructured messing around is what makes them so great.

Irn Bru

So here in Scotland we have this drink called “irn bru” (not iron brew). This drink has a very unique taste, it can be bought in a few other places in the world but it is made here. Anyway the company that makes it “Barrs” makes some very, very funny adverts for it and I’d thought I’d share my favourites with you guys :).

5. Everybody in the world loves irn bru…

4. Group hug…

3. High school musical…

2. Fanny…

And number 1. Snowman

Please watch them all as they’re all pretty funny. There are a ton more but these are my favourite. I know this is a weird post but, meh. Why not?