July crew party review.

Hi  lady’s its that time of telling you My thoughts of the crew party which was on Friday the 25th. I feel it went really well apart from the r* serves are a pain in the bum. I know people cant help it and i bet you get really  frustrated (I would). I cant think of a way around this as us as a crew and players of gta we can not do anything its down to  r* . Also just another moan 🙂 the timer as you invite players to the playlist is a pain aswell There should be away of taking it away or it wont start until the playlist is full, would like to know your opinions on that ???. The crew party was amazing and i was honored to be  one of the rep’s a big shout out to Grody amazing host and gaga and sammie :D. It was a great turn out all the crew that turned up a big pack on the back you were all great aswell. I cant wait till the next crew party and play with all you great lady;s in the meantime on gta.

P.s Sorry no photos r* wont let me into album 😦

God Bless




Hi Ladys,
Just another short post about the twitter page i’m currently in the middle of building up 🙂 I want to know how many of you pussi lady’s use twitter? if you do please leave your twitter name in the comments or drop me a message on rockstar. If you have any suggestons about the page please feel free to say 🙂 I’m also looking for a couple of people who can maybe help me along the way so if you would like to know more please ask.

Pussi Riot On Twitter

Hello Lady’s Just a short post to find out what people think about having a pussi riot twitter page.

I wanted to start up a twitter page to keep people updated on what we do etc and show people we ROCK 🙂

It would be linked to rockstar and our blog page so people can see what is happening, also if people like this idea and it go’s ahead i would need a deputy to give a helping hand. Please be honest and give your opinions.

Thanks Lady’s.

Background of me :)

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Hello Crew members

I am going to tell you a bit about my character in GTA V. She is 21 and called Katie. She  works as a banker in the center of the City. She went to college but didn’t really fit in and soon she went off the rails. She started to drink a lot and turned to crime. One day she nearly killed herself due to too much drink and it was then she thought “What am I doing????” So, from that moment she turned her life around and started to work. She started from the bottom and worked her way up to being a banker. Continue reading

What do people want to hear about!?

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This is my first Post and I’m just wondering what people would like to hear about? It could be from weapons,  missions… even if you need answers on anything, anything is possible 🙂

So if anyone knows what they want to read about just let me know 🙂 . Hopefully i haven’t bored you rioters too much?

Katie92 Car

Just chillin’