The Molly and Grody Christmas Show





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Ho Ho Ho!

No I am not insulting you all (for a change), far from it in fact, I am just getting into the swing of things. After a festive Egg Nog me and Grody decided to release a Christmas version of our Radio Show (that has never happened…but pretend like it has OK?)

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The Molly and Grody Christmas Radio Show


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Seasons greetings to you all! (kind of…)

Now anybody who knows me at all knows that I can be a miserable git and Christmas time is no exception!

I will be honest with you ladies, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. I like presents obviously but I am not much of a drinker, don’t like eating too much and hate being forced to be jolly! The time off work is nice….

So where am I going with this? Well that my friends is totally up to you!

As the Molly show was a great success and also borrowing off the excellent Radio Gaga (who we all miss dearly, Gaga if you are reading this get in touch eh? We would love to see you in LS again as its just not the same without you!) I have decided to combine the two in an attempt to give not only myself but the rest of our crew members a bit of Christmas cheer.

So the idea is as follows, and yes me and Grody (who i have roped in to helping me, hence the name of the show) will need your help. Without your help it cant happen!

On Christmas Eve me and Grody (Grody and I..?) shall release the Molly and Grody Christmas Radio Show. The idea is something nice to listen to on Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning or just generally whilst playing on GTA over the holidays. You can do what the hell you want to do with it to be honest, we dont really care as long as you do something!

The show will work as follows….

It will be roughly 80 minutes and will feature me and Grody “ringing” fellow crew members on Christmas morning to ask what they got for Christmas (In character!), what Christmas messages they have for people and to just shoot the breeze with each other.

Now i know what you are thinking here…most of us are hairy old men and it will kind of ruin the mistique right? Well fear ye not, I have grabbed myself a text to voice generator which can do an array of female voices.

I am sure you are also thinking “they are ringing me on Xmas day? they dont even have my number, and thats weird…”

Well no we dont have your number! And we aint ringing you! From today until the release of the show me and Grody will send small scripts to every person who wants to be involved (Like i did for the Molly Show), all you have to do is fill the gaps in and send them back to us and we will make the magic happen, it really is that easy and it wont take you much work!

Along with the general chit chat we will also be playing ALTERNATIVE Christmas songs because if I hear Mariah bloody Carey over Christmas one more time I will put my foot through the radio. We are looking for metal songs, rap songs, pan pipes if that floats your boat, just anything that isnt obvious. I have tons to choose from here but I would really prefer the crew to provide me with stuff.

So to summise what you have to do to help me and Grody….

+ PM/Email/Respond to this post?send a telegram whatever…. to me or Grody and just let us know you want to join in. If you dont “do” Christmas thats no problem either. Tell us that on the show and we can just play something else for you as long as its fairly jingly.

+ Fill out a paragraph or two response when we send you your part of the script and choose a song you want us to play.

+ Open your ears and listen. (after downloading or streaming the show obviously….)

So that’s it. Are you in? Please be in, this will be rather important to me! I need people to contribute here!

Ho Ho Ho!

yeah that really didnt suit me….

Bah Humbug!


PC – Crafty B*ggers – Pussi Riot…Minecraft style!

Molly in our new studio apartment

Good evening everybody. Long time no speak….well type i suppose actually.

I trust you are all well. Dont worry, I do not have a bad case of pixelitis as you can see in the photograph above, far from it, I am here to announce the new Pussi Riot super duper Minecraft server of DOOM!

Ok so the DOOM part was going a little bit too far….

So, what the hell is going on you may ask? Well after much discussion between me and Grody we have decided that there are a lot of crew members out there that we never really get to play with due to having different consoles/platforms etc and we wanted to think of a fun way to get everyone together every once in a while. So we thought about what games do people play often that are easy, accessible and fun. Well Minecraft on the PC is the obvious answer!

Obviously we are still dedicated to GTA but sometimes its nice to escape Los Santos and the constant heisting or invites to $$$$$$ + 10000000000RP invites (sounds legit…) so Grody has set up a lovely survival server.

Through our discussions we have decided that there is more to this crew than just GTA as we have some pretty cool members on here so we would love to get a proper server going with 20 odd crew members on there all digging and building our way to a lovely Riot Utopia.

So far we have three members on here (me, Grody, ExLee) and would love, love, LOVE to see some more of you. It would be doubly awesome to see some people who may have fallen out of love with GTA (you know who you all are) as we think you are lovely people and would love to continue socialising with you in one form or another so we think this is the perfect way.

So please, if this interests you just PM,Email, send smoke signals etc to me or Grody and lets get you into the game. I can provide avatars for people if required that will match your Riot look but of course you can wear/be whatever you want! Just get in here!


Hope to see you around!


PS3 – The June party update – The Can’t be arsed do whatever you want party

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Good evening everybody!

I trust you are all well and enjoying your overpriced Osiris’ and ugly Windsors not the mention those “lovely” shiny gold planes and clothes?

But enough of the chit chat, it’s time to divulge some information on this months Pussi Riot monthly party.

Now I am sure the title of this post has got you wondering, well it isn’t a trick but it is a theme of sorts!

This month has been a little bit hectic, I am starting a new job (In real life… I am never leaving Fleeca…) Grody has been rather busy too and hey its summer (kind of) so let us enjoy it too! Also I am watching the women’s world cup so that has taken up a lot of my time this month incase you are wondering why I have been quite quiet this month!

So the theme of this months party is…I cant be arsed!

I should point out to out foreign members that cant be arsed means cant be bothered, too lazy etc etc.

So here is the deal… we will have a bunch of playlists cobbled together by various members of our crew. Over the next week i will be delving in to the vaults to see what games could do with a good dusting off and also what new games are worth a look. We are also going to use some playlists and creations that were left on the cutting floor of past parties or ones we just didnt get to do at the time (like last months Homework section for example)

So again if anybody wants one of their creations adding just make sure it’s useable for 16 players. It would also be nice if some races etc were edited to include the latest updates cars so we can have fun thrashing around with them too!

So do we have a dress code? Well yes we do! Kind of. in a cant be arsed kind of way….

The dress code for this month is to just be as random and slobby as you can be. Have you ever wanted to wear the jogging pants but were worried that people would laugh at you for looking scruffy? Alternately do you usually dress “tough” but have thought that just for once you would like to wear that lovely little flowery dress but were scared that you would lose cool points with the other members? Will this is the time to do it! Beer hat with a suit? No problemo! Bring it on.

And what about cars? Hey if you want to bust out your Chrome Adder then feel free! This month it is totally up to you! Just try to look as ridiculous as you can. For example my without a suit on will look odd right?

And thats it really. I cant even be arsed to add any photos to this!

Ah screw it, you can have one picture, everybody loves cute animals right?


Oh! Dates,  26th June at 21:00 (for now anyway!) yeah be there…if you can be arsed!

PS3 – May Party School Uniform Policy

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Hello Ladies

As discussed in my last post there will be a strict school uniform code for the May Party. Here is what you may wear…


This is the basic school uniform. It consists of:

A blue and white striped tie

A black Blazer

A white shirt

Black and white Plaid shirt

Sensible shoes (No high heels!)

Now I know everybody wants a little bit of individualism so you do have some options to make your uniform “yours”


For example you can add a rather dashing Cardigan to your ensemble (Actually its a suit vest in Black but whatever…)

school2If you are a scruff you can go for the tatty blazer look along with the loose tie and some trainers (or sneakers as you strange people call them.)

school1And I do realise there are some “mean girls” in the crew who are too cool to wear a blazer. Well Ok I will allow it but you MUST wear the skirt and shirt combo. Annoyingly you cant wear a tie without a blazer…

So to summize….

You MUST wear:

A white shirt (or off white)

The plaid black and white shirt.

Shoes that are not high heels. They can be, black, brown or grey.

We would PREFER you to wear

A black blazer (Suit jacket) any version will do as long as you can wear a shirt and tie under it.

The blue striped tie. (any version)

And thats it really. Anybody not abiding to this rule once the party starts will be subjected to detention and fifty lashings from Principle Grody.

Oh and we do have a sports event going on. The outfit for this is very strict.

school5The light blue t shirt.

White pleated gym skirt

Any type of running shoes. Whatever you are comfortable in for your ten mile cross country run….

Any questions just ask me or Grody!

Class dismissed.

Stop talking at the back!


PS3 – May Crew Party – To Cool for School

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Good afternoon everybody.

I just thought I would pop in with a little update on what our PS3 May crew party will be.

First of all the date of the party will be:

Saturday 30th May at 20:00 GMT.

Mark it down in your homework diaries as the subject of the party will be something that we are all familiar with, we have all been there, some of you may still even go there… the subject is SCHOOL.

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