Xbox (360) – Throwback Party!

crew party


Rockstar has created a ton of great games over the years. From gta to red dead, from manhunt to max payne and more…

… So why not honour those games by, well by having an entire party based around them?

At the beggining of the night we will all go into a closed crew session and head on over to ponsonbys. There we will get dressed up as our favourite characters from any rockstar game. They can be from any series as long as they were made by rockstar, also you can dress up as a guy or girl but if you’re going as a guy just get one of the short haircuts.

Here is a list of some rockstar games to give you an idea…

  • Bully
  • Gta
  • Manhunt
  • Midnight club
  • Max payne
  • Red dead

There are more so have a look around and make up your mind. I am going as Tommy Vercetti from Gta Vice City so if any of you even think as going as him I will hurt you.

After we get dressed we will launch the first playlist. This will be all races based from each of the games so you may notice some games like red dead and max payne aren’t in it since they don’t feature vehicle races.

After the playlist we will go to my apartment and have a “Fat single and ready to mingle” party. Here we can just mess around, get drunk etc.

After the house party we can go and have some themed photoshoots. We will take them based on the characters. So for example all vice city characters can have a photo taken in front of neon lights and all red dead characters could have one in the desert etc.

Then we will launch the second playlist. This will be all DM’s based around each game. So expect to see quite alot 🙂

Then we will go back into the game and do whatever comes to mind 🙂

Don’t worry if your costume isn’t perfect just get it as close to the real thing as possible.

The party will start at the usual 9.30pm GMT(0) and last untill ?


Fashion Show…



If there’s one thing that all of us at pussi riot can pride ourselves on its that we look great…

… well most of us do. Anyway I was thinking about this today and I got the idea to have a fashion show/contest. It would essentially be a photo contest. We would vote on five categories from a list that you gals would submit, e.g

Beach, casual, slut, summer, winter and any other you can all muster up. You would get someone to take a picture of you’re FULL outfit, from head to toe. So hairstyle, shoes, lower body and torso would all matter. Continue reading