RAT News – May poll results and more

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The poll results are in. Together we’ve made some important decisions for the RAT and I’d say we’re on our way to become a fine well organized TDM squad.


Uniform Poll Results

Most of you voted in favour of an all black uniform with berets to distinguish between different divisions. Our official uniform is:

  • Black cargo pants
  • Deluxe Midnight Combat (under high heel boots)
  • Black Hoodie
  • Standard Armour (under body armor in your inventory section)
  • Beret
  • (Aviator sunglasses optional)

The official beret colours are: Continue reading



Through out the problems we’ve been having with some players, *cough cough* you guys know who i’m talking about…some members think its a good idea to start a tank squadron!

If there’s too much heat between you and a few other players, that’s when the big rhino tanks come in! We need to show these people who we are & what were made of!

I think it’s a very good idea to start this because i love tanks & seeing the crew team up just to teach somebody a lesson.

Do you think this is a good idea?