The Drought Sign Up & Briefing

What will happen to San Andreas when the world runs out of oil? Will you share the same fate as the North Pole, or will you become one of those gnarly skimpy dressed post apocalyptic cult leaders? Find out in the 16 player 2 team survival mega mini game, The Drought.

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The Drought – A Mega Minigame

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The world has let it come to this. The last drop of oil has been sold and there isn’t a renewable energy source big enough to accommodate the masses. Can you survive pseudo-post-apocalyptic San Andreas?


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Death matches – Busting caps for beginners

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Wake up… time to die

So in the last blog we covered the basics of dodging the grim reapers scythe, and although I will be adding further pointers to that, the theme for this article is about the less subtle art of blowing somebody away!

Before we get started, I’d once again like to reiterate that these tips and tactics are aimed at the novices among the crew and those who simply want to get better. They are not the be all, end all and are a guide rather than gospel. With that out of the way, lets get down to the grisly business. Continue reading

Death matches – Not dying for beginners

blondie death match


A month or so ago, Scuba and I were talking about something or other and I asked if they were interested in doing the ‘Pussi Riot TDM Tryouts’ and after a bit of convincing they got involved. Now, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying it perhaps wasn’t for them, but I said afterwards that I would happily give them some pointers on the basics of death matches. Then it occurred to me that it may be better to do a series of ‘beginners’ articles on it and share it with the masses. Continue reading

Team death match try outs


Hi peeps. Okay, here’s the deal. Had a fair bit on interest in this and so…

We are going to set up a deathmatch playlist consisting of 5 different maps. Each one tailored to a different kind if warfare:

2 x Urban scenario – Vinewood Kills & Vespucci Beachfront (owned&picked up)
1 x Indoor/covered scenario – Construction (owned&picked up)
1 x Desert scenario – Grit (owned&picked up)
1 x Woodland scenario – Prey (forced)

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