Competition – Miss Pussi Riot 2015

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I have the honor to announced that the beauty contest “Miss Pussi Riot” is open! The goal is easy:

-you post a photo of yourself on the social club with the legend “beauty contest” until Saturday

-Saturday I would elect the “Miss Pussi Riot” old gen and next gen
Hoping that you will have many competing !!


ps: (if my grammar is not good it’s because I’m French)

Muhmuhhuh – Fan art

Very dangerous business lady with lots of compact guns and shiny iFruit pad. xD
She can organize the fun party, but if you will hit her pink Declasse Rhapsody by your stupid fat car on the crossroad… She will shoot you down! And all the cops who will respond this accident!

Xbox (360) & Xbox One – Grease!

grease poster


Calling all aspiring young actresses and actores! Roles are now being cast for “Grease!” A pussi riot production, sponsored by pißwasser, because beer is just as healthy as singing and dancing…

Hey everyone! Just before Christmas eltax and I had a joke. We said we should make a movie using the xbox one game dvr. At first we were joking and laughing but then we got serious and spoke about the endless amounts of movies we could make. Then after a lot of laughs eltax came up with grease. We talked and decided that this was the best for us to begin with. Why you ask? Well because like gta it is in LA/LS, we can use the university, we have the cars and we have the clothes.

Don’t worry if you don’t like talking because you won’t need to do any voice acting. We will record the videos and play the movie over it. All you need is your pretty little self. We only have two rules really.

1. You must be on xbox one or 360, it’s better if you’re on one because we can all film and it will look better but if you’re on 360 eltax has kindly offered to film you

2. Have fun. Me and eltax laughed so hard just talking about it and we agreed that this should be fun so if at any point it becomes a pain we will put it on hiatus.

Now to be honest grease isn’t my favourite movie but this will be fun so if you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest that you do.

Like I said earlier it should be fun so we decided that it’ll be more fun if we add a ‘pussi riot twist’ if you get cast as a guy you can go and make a secondary character to play as OR you could try and make your character look like a guy, as in golf bitch by scuba…

It’s entirely up to you 🙂

Every role is available and we still have to sort out some details but please take this opportunity to sign up because like the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm” so we won’t be casting on talent since no one needs to actually speak, we just need to record your characters actions and mouth moving, so those that sign up early will get the better roles.

Do you want to sign up? Do it below, just tick the boxes that apply to you 🙂

Also I found this video today, just… what is this? Look at it:

Xbox (360) – Throwback Party!

crew party


Rockstar has created a ton of great games over the years. From gta to red dead, from manhunt to max payne and more…

… So why not honour those games by, well by having an entire party based around them?

At the beggining of the night we will all go into a closed crew session and head on over to ponsonbys. There we will get dressed up as our favourite characters from any rockstar game. They can be from any series as long as they were made by rockstar, also you can dress up as a guy or girl but if you’re going as a guy just get one of the short haircuts.

Here is a list of some rockstar games to give you an idea…

  • Bully
  • Gta
  • Manhunt
  • Midnight club
  • Max payne
  • Red dead

There are more so have a look around and make up your mind. I am going as Tommy Vercetti from Gta Vice City so if any of you even think as going as him I will hurt you.

After we get dressed we will launch the first playlist. This will be all races based from each of the games so you may notice some games like red dead and max payne aren’t in it since they don’t feature vehicle races.

After the playlist we will go to my apartment and have a “Fat single and ready to mingle” party. Here we can just mess around, get drunk etc.

After the house party we can go and have some themed photoshoots. We will take them based on the characters. So for example all vice city characters can have a photo taken in front of neon lights and all red dead characters could have one in the desert etc.

Then we will launch the second playlist. This will be all DM’s based around each game. So expect to see quite alot 🙂

Then we will go back into the game and do whatever comes to mind 🙂

Don’t worry if your costume isn’t perfect just get it as close to the real thing as possible.

The party will start at the usual 9.30pm GMT(0) and last untill ?


Xbox (360) – January Crew Party


Hey everyone! I wanted to do something BIG for this months crew party and hopefully get a few more players back on the 360 for it and I need your help!

So at the beginning of the month I asked for some help from any 360 players. We got together and discussed what kind of stuff we could do. Here’s what we came up with, please read them then vote at the bottom…

  1. 1. Decades disco.

Basically we would play the night through the decades. We  would start by getting dressed up in clothes from the 70’s and do seventies related activities, we could come up with what these are later. Then we would launch a playlist of seventies related jobs, basically we would play DM’s and Races etc that are based around A) real life events and/or B) scenes from movies that were made in or set in the seventies. After this we would do the same thing but for the 80’s and once again for the 90’s. The activities would include beach parties, discos and more.

2. Sterotypes

So with the crew being as big as it is it means we have people from all over the world which is a great thing. This party, I think, would be pretty cool. We would all get dressed up in clothes that either represents our country in some way (for example I’m from scotland so I could wear the tartan dress), Americans could wear the independence clothes etc. Or we could get dressed up in clothes that mock it (just a little 🙂 ) for example french people could dress up as mimes.

After everyone gets dressed we could mess around for a bit  and then launch a playlist of jobs that are set around the world. So we would have a DM and a race set in Scotland, a DM and a race set in the US, a DM and a race set in australia etc.

These races and deathmatches would be from a famous thing from the countries history or a famous thing from a movie set in that country.

So the deathmatch for the US could be built up in the desert and themed around the old west while the race could go through the swamps near Zancudo and make it feel like a swamp in Louisiana. For australia we could have a race through the ‘outback’ and a DM on a beach or something. For Scotland we could have a DM set out in the ‘highlands’ (hills of L.S) based around one of our old battles (think of the movie braveheart) and a race set around a loch (one of the large lakes). After the playlist we would do activities related to each country before just messing around.

3. Tributes/throwbacks

Rockstar has created lots of awesome games like gta vice city/SA/3 etc, manhunt, red dead redemption/revolver, max payne and midnight club so we would honour these games by dressing up as our favourite characters from them and then playing a playlist based around them. So we would have missions and races set around a mission or two from each game. Obviously we wouldn’t just do a playlist. We’d party the pussi riot way and I think you all know what that means (well for one murder and death actually that’s 2 and it also means… strip club, explosions and a hell of a lot of pißwasser) 😀

Please vote for the idea you like best below…