Competition – Miss Pussi Riot 2015

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I have the honor to announced that the beauty contest “Miss Pussi Riot” is open! The goal is easy:

-you post a photo of yourself on the social club with the legend “beauty contest” until Saturday

-Saturday I would elect the “Miss Pussi Riot” old gen and next gen
Hoping that you will have many competing !!


ps: (if my grammar is not good it’s because I’m French)


Muhmuhhuh – Fan art

Very dangerous business lady with lots of compact guns and shiny iFruit pad. xD
She can organize the fun party, but if you will hit her pink Declasse Rhapsody by your stupid fat car on the crossroad… She will shoot you down! And all the cops who will respond this accident!

PS4 – Xmas Party Review

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Oh What a night!

It’s been nearly a year now since I first set foot on the seedy streets of Los Santos to play GTA Online. In that time I’ve got some wonderful memories and have had some great sessions. But I want to go on record and say that the 2014 PS4 Pussi Riot Xmas Party was the most fun I’ve ever had whilst playing the game. Continue reading

PUSSI RIOT – The Next Generation – Rogues Gallery

PR Rogues Gallery logo

November 18 2014 was a landmark day in the history of Pussi Riot as it meant a huge proportion of our members found a new home on Next-Gen Consoles

With the move to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came the chance to give our online characters a much needed make over which we all entered into with fervour. Below you can find the results of our endeavours which highlights the wide variety of personality that we have injected into our avatars.

This is an ongoing blog that I will update periodically as our membership on Next-Gen increases. If you wish to add your character to this Rogues Gallery then add me Scuba_Christ to your Rockstar Social Club friends list or PM me a link to your mugshot. Remember that you now have to go into settings to upload your pictures to Snapmatic – Scuba 😉


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