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Hola Gals, finally I’m up and running. Thanks for all your tunes sent to me this past weeks. I have had over 70 songs sent and cant fit them all in because of memory 😦 This is all new too me and my first music complication so I hope you enjoy. I will try to improve this show in the future and update too. 🙂 Continue reading


Tunez – Dusty Springfield – Son of A Preacher Man

I’m pretty sure that you’ve all heard of this song one way or another, whether it be from Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” or just on the radio, Dusty Springfield’s anthem “Son of A Preacher Man” is one of the most enduring soul classic ever.

Dusty is one of my favourite artists, she was very softly spoken, gentle and caring for others around her, having lived a life filled with enough drama to evolve into a soap opera, Dusty is one of the best voices of the late 20th Century and I’d like to share with you girls one of her greatest songs!

Calling all musically inclined Rioters…


This is a call…

As you may or may not have noticed by now, ‘The Riot’ is full of incredibly talented, creative types. We’ve got website designers, digital artists, film makers, cinematographers and all sorts of folk in between. We’re also very lucky in the respect that they are using those skills to benefit our crazy crew.

One particularly exciting project that is now up and running is Pussi Riot Productions, which is going to produce all of our official visual delights. They’ve been hard at work arranging, shooting and editing a number of themed pieces which will be coming to light very soon. However, the birth of this badass film making division of our crew has also highlighted another exciting avenue we’ve not yet tapped in to. Music! Continue reading