PS3 – The Drought – The Resurrection Of A Playlist

It’s been awhile since we played The Drought, but I feel I should debrief you all anyway and see how we can make it even better.

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Overall I think the night went very well. I was afraid I had over-advertised it, raising expectations too high, but luckily it was at least as much fun as I had hoped. The only real setback were the connection issues BC and Blondie were having. Despite how good it was, there’s always room for improvement and that’s where you come in. Continue reading

Xbox (360) – Pussi Riot vs The Order of Thuggin


Hey everyone, interested in a crew vs crew?

Well the title and short but sweet headline kind of explains this post. And you guessed it we’re going to have a crew vs crew. Since the R.A.T team have been doing so well on training and have another upcoming CvC I noticed that it’s been a while since we, on the xbox side, had one. If you took part in the CvC in August against “The Bad Girls Club” you’ll know that it was a fun night, probably more so for us because we won. Anyway I’ve been talking with Markyttt from “The Order of Thuggin” and we both think it would be fun to have a CvC. It’ll be like boys vs girls (characters anyway). Continue reading