Farming for Crew Video Ideas

Hello fellow rioters!

First I should introduce myself as I am a new blog contributor. My name is FyrePlum and I joined the PUSS crew a few weeks ago. I ended up joining this crew because I was ambushed by a lobby full of rioters. I was just minding my own business in free roam one day when out of nowhere came a fire truck full of PUSS girls and then flying bullets and then death. Respawned long enough to open the weapon wheel, then BAM….dead again. And again. And AGAIN! What was my reaction to this bullied attack? I want in on that action! Continue reading

Tappeto Profondo Rosso (A Deep Red Carpet)

If you happened to be anywhere near The Oriental Cinema on Vinewood Boulevard on Sunday night, you may have heard quite a lot of noise coming from Los Santos’s premier premiere location.
Some was from the fans, there to see director Scuba C Vercetti and stars like Blondarus (who plays Bondarus in the film) and GAGAgolightly (DjangDango), but a lot of it was from the Pussi Riot Vehicles tearing round the block, revving their engines and blowing out huge billowing clouds of multi coloured smoke from their cyclonic tyres.

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tank header

I Scuba Christ Vercetti am about to make a huge life changing commitment which will cause a devastating blow to both the streets of Los Santos and my poor bank balance. Yes you guessed it I’m going to go online and give over my credit card details to Warstock Cache & Carry and get me one of those juicy Sixty ton heavily-armored battle vehicles with a 1,500hp turbine engine and a 120mm cannon AKA The Rhino Tank!!! Continue reading

Pussi Riot Crew Party Videos

While those of you  lucky  members who attended last Friday’s Pussi Riot Crew Party were busy having fun, I was secretly filming everything that took place throughout the night. This was my first attempt at recording footage and also my first attempt at editing footage so I do apologise that it doesn’t look very professional but this wasn’t meant to be a full blown Pussi Riot Production. It was just an experiment to see what can be done using standard GTA game footage as a medium while at the same time documenting the events that unfolded throughout the evening for your entertainment.

In total I recorded close to five hours worth of footage and have spent the last week piecing bits and bobs together to create something you gals may consider worth watching. Continue reading