Xbox (360) & Xbox One – Grease!

grease poster


Calling all aspiring young actresses and actores! Roles are now being cast for “Grease!” A pussi riot production, sponsored by pißwasser, because beer is just as healthy as singing and dancing…

Hey everyone! Just before Christmas eltax and I had a joke. We said we should make a movie using the xbox one game dvr. At first we were joking and laughing but then we got serious and spoke about the endless amounts of movies we could make. Then after a lot of laughs eltax came up with grease. We talked and decided that this was the best for us to begin with. Why you ask? Well because like gta it is in LA/LS, we can use the university, we have the cars and we have the clothes.

Don’t worry if you don’t like talking because you won’t need to do any voice acting. We will record the videos and play the movie over it. All you need is your pretty little self. We only have two rules really.

1. You must be on xbox one or 360, it’s better if you’re on one because we can all film and it will look better but if you’re on 360 eltax has kindly offered to film you

2. Have fun. Me and eltax laughed so hard just talking about it and we agreed that this should be fun so if at any point it becomes a pain we will put it on hiatus.

Now to be honest grease isn’t my favourite movie but this will be fun so if you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest that you do.

Like I said earlier it should be fun so we decided that it’ll be more fun if we add a ‘pussi riot twist’ if you get cast as a guy you can go and make a secondary character to play as OR you could try and make your character look like a guy, as in golf bitch by scuba…

It’s entirely up to you 🙂

Every role is available and we still have to sort out some details but please take this opportunity to sign up because like the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm” so we won’t be casting on talent since no one needs to actually speak, we just need to record your characters actions and mouth moving, so those that sign up early will get the better roles.

Do you want to sign up? Do it below, just tick the boxes that apply to you 🙂

Also I found this video today, just… what is this? Look at it:

PRAA: What’s going to happen?




I’m sure you’ve all seen those awards shows on t.v, the beautiful host says something like “and the most sexy female award goes to…” (30 second wait) “Barbra Streisand!” And then everyone cheers even though they wish it could be them, well now it can be you…

As most of you probably know this Thursday, 10th of October, is the one year anniversary of pussi riot! And what a year it’s been, friendships have been made, parties have been had and bitchies in free roam have been killed. Anyway, back to the awards, it will happen at the vinewood bowl and we will all arrive in style, helicopters and limos, of course you’ll need to find a driver. Before we arrive we will all get dressed up, hair, makeup the works.

When everyone has arrived the host will speak and start to give out the awards, the person that receives an award will go up and do an action (air thrusting and nose picking is not allowed, guppy) then they will say a few words and then sit down. Every winner will receive some sort of prize.

There are still a few details to be worked out one of them being time. Because it’s on a Thursday it might be inconvenient for some people so it will start ROUGHLY around 8-10pm (gmt 0) I will let you all know an exact time a.s.a.p. It will happen on both sides. The most major thing I need is two people (one from each side, psn and xbox) to help. Whoever does will be given credit and its pretty important, must have a Mic.

I will make another post today we’re you can all nominate people for an award.

Casting Call


I am looking for 2 – 3 xbox crew members with a Liberator and some free time within the next week or two for some video shoots.  Let me know if you are interested and I will contact each of you to figure a time that is good for us to all meet in a closed crew session.

Update: I want to get as many I as I can for the video shoot. Perhaps just have a Liberator party.

Xbox August Crew Party Video

Ok, here it is at last.  Please just be aware that this is literally my first real video that I have put together, ever. Every time I re-watch it, I see things that could use some improvement… I am sure I will get better as I keep practicing.   I wasn’t able to get everything I wanted in the video because I had 9 hours of footage from the crew party and the song I chose was 6 1/2 minutes long.  I am thinking about making a second video that will show more of the goofy stuff we did… such as more footage of the bus drop.

Next time I do a video capture, I am going to try to get more angles, close-ups, using a motorcycle in 1st person view for shots.

This was a lot of fun to make and laughed to tears at all of our goofy antics.  I have totally found myself a new hobby.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Farming for Crew Video Ideas

Hello fellow rioters!

First I should introduce myself as I am a new blog contributor. My name is FyrePlum and I joined the PUSS crew a few weeks ago. I ended up joining this crew because I was ambushed by a lobby full of rioters. I was just minding my own business in free roam one day when out of nowhere came a fire truck full of PUSS girls and then flying bullets and then death. Respawned long enough to open the weapon wheel, then BAM….dead again. And again. And AGAIN! What was my reaction to this bullied attack? I want in on that action! Continue reading