See you all soon, well you know what I mean…

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I know I could’ve just wrote a small post on the social club but to be honest this crew is more important to me than that…

I know gta is ‘just a game’ but you guys/girls aren’t just sounds that live in the internet machine. Since I joined the crew over a year ago I have met so many amazing people. You guys have made me laugh so much I’ve cried, you’ve encouraged me to get on with studying when I had exams (or scared me into it, eltax) and you’ve all been some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to play games with, and I’ve been playing for a long time.

Anyway the reason I’m writing this is because when it comes to a choice between studying and playing gta I’m sure you can all guess what wins. I’ve thought about this a lot for the past few weeks and I’ve made the decision that, after this week, I’m going to take all of my xboxes and I’m going to pack them away.

I’m still in school for you guys on the playstation side that haven’t spoken to me and don’t know that (sorry scuba I eh, I, I was busy? 😉 ). When I leave (school) I want to go to university and study history, eventually I want to become a history teacher. In order to do that I need certain grades, grades I can’t get when I procrastinate on gta. Which brings me to what I’m going to do: On Sunday night I’m taking my xboxes and packing them away that way I won’t be able to play gta rather than study maths. I will unpack them when my exams are finished in May/June. Then I’ll play untill August but then it’s going back away for quite a long time. I’m not going to leave the crew but I’m not going to be very active here, at least not for a while. You have all been awesome and I’m going to play every night from now untill Sunday then that’s me. I’ll miss you all but I know it’s the right choice and I know this might seem dramatic for a goodbye but like I said earlier you guys haven’t just been other players, you’ve been my friends. People I would never meet in real life who have become very good friends. Now I better go to the doctor and get some pills to help with the upcoming xbox/gta withdrawal symptoms.

Wish me luck!! 😀

Irn Bru

So here in Scotland we have this drink called “irn bru” (not iron brew). This drink has a very unique taste, it can be bought in a few other places in the world but it is made here. Anyway the company that makes it “Barrs” makes some very, very funny adverts for it and I’d thought I’d share my favourites with you guys :).

5. Everybody in the world loves irn bru…

4. Group hug…

3. High school musical…

2. Fanny…

And number 1. Snowman

Please watch them all as they’re all pretty funny. There are a ton more but these are my favourite. I know this is a weird post but, meh. Why not?

The Skype’s the Limit


skypeGood evening everybody, I trust you are well?

I have been meaning to make this post for a while but have never really got round to it. But now is as good a time as any. Please, for those who have yet to join the Pussi Riot chat revolution, let me attempt to convince you, are even just make you aware of, the beauty of Skype when it comes to Crew sessions.

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PS3 – A call to arms

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It’s an awkward word to spell for some reason… it is also a word that is entwined with my real life. I work in Community Health, Community is one of my favourite and massively underappreciated TV show and well…. OK thats it in my real life to be honest…I have not thought this post through!

But there is one more aspect of my life, both real and “fantasy” where the word community plays a massive part. That aspect of course is Pussi Riot. The crew we are all a part of that we know and love.

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