The Skype’s the Limit


skypeGood evening everybody, I trust you are well?

I have been meaning to make this post for a while but have never really got round to it. But now is as good a time as any. Please, for those who have yet to join the Pussi Riot chat revolution, let me attempt to convince you, are even just make you aware of, the beauty of Skype when it comes to Crew sessions.

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PS3 – Plan and Roll Call

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Uncle Sam

Good evening everybody. I hope you are well.

This has been quite a tough month personally for me and possibly many of us on PS3. (almost) everybody has left us in the PS3 wilderness and one of our most trusted and indeed coolest people in the crew has decided to move on which has left us in a slight quandary. Continue reading

PS3 – A call to arms

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It’s an awkward word to spell for some reason… it is also a word that is entwined with my real life. I work in Community Health, Community is one of my favourite and massively underappreciated TV show and well…. OK thats it in my real life to be honest…I have not thought this post through!

But there is one more aspect of my life, both real and “fantasy” where the word community plays a massive part. That aspect of course is Pussi Riot. The crew we are all a part of that we know and love.

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Got Hair?



The simple answer to that question would be that I shaved it off. I shaved it not because I’m tired of Rockstar making my hair disappear during the win screen, but I shaved it for a special cause. In the United States and also in other countries, the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thousands of women and even some men die from breast cancer each year. Although many people are already aware of what breast cancer is, not many take the necessary actions to detect the disease in its early stages. Early treatment of breast cancer significantly increases a person’s chance on surviving the disease. I don’t know anyone personally that has breast cancer, but I’m sure some of you have someone in your life or a friend of a friend that may have breast cancer. If they start noticing signs of cancer and they have not been checked out yet, I would suggest you encourage them to get screened. A simple screening from a doctor may save their life. Continue reading

PS3 – Playlist Evenings

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Hello Ladies.

First of all I feel like I need to apologize for the image used with this post. I must admit I couldnt think of an apt image to use so went with 3 prostitutes (I think…sorry if you are not prostitutes, you look like them thats all I am saying…)

I have been having a little browse of our Social Club over the past few days and I have come to the conclusion that some creations are not getting the credit they deserve…. Continue reading