RATS vs Arrogant Hunters Status Report

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It’s been going good so far. But due to server issues and sleepy time we had to postpone the match until next Sunday.

We lost the first match, but made a big comeback on the second and third one. Sadly though at the third match things went voodoo. One of our opponents magically disappeared with just a few more minutes to go. We won the match by a landslide, but they obviously deserve a rematch. The fourth match never happened, because most of us had to leave for bed.

So we’re doing the third and fourth match same time next Sunday.

We’re doing great girls! Let’s make that 1-1 a 3-1!

Crew Competition: RAT Emblem


Hey Rioters

We need a Logo for our RAT Stealth Team. So we decided to make a Crew Competition out of it.

Assignment: Create a Logo for the Stealth Team with the R* Social Club Emblem Editor.

We already have one for the Fireteam and one for the Strike Section, take a look at them here

The Competition starts today and ends at the 15th of September. At the end of the contest we will vote the winner on the blog.

The winner gets a highly coveted place in the Hall of Fame and a prize money about $50.000,-

The June 28 battle against… Spartans!

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 RATs Emblem VS emblem_128

You read it, I said it. We’ll be fighting a ‘Spartan’ crew.

Technically they’re a Greek crew, but let’s face it, it’s much cooler to fight a small group of archaic blood thirsty elite soldiers than a handful of people from a state that has an income lower than that of the average Liberty City bum. They call themselves “SPARTANS OF GREECE” and they’ve had their fair share of TDMs. Don’t let that scare you. I’ve checked their stats and they’re about as good as we are. We haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but these are the deets so far:

  • The battle will be held on June 28
  • It’ll be a best of 4 (We pick two maps and they pick two maps. Suggestions are very welcome)
  • It’ll be 8 vs 8 (Which means not all of us get to play. It’s first come first serve)
  • Weapons are set to owned and pick-ups

Those who don’t get to fight this month, will be given priority next month. Which doesn’t mean that much, considering that because I have more time, we’ll have a couple of battles.

Spartan Girl HD Desktop Background

I’ll keep you girls posted on this page. Here’s hoping they’ll tackle us like they tackle their deficit.


RAT News – May poll results and more

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The poll results are in. Together we’ve made some important decisions for the RAT and I’d say we’re on our way to become a fine well organized TDM squad.


Uniform Poll Results

Most of you voted in favour of an all black uniform with berets to distinguish between different divisions. Our official uniform is:

  • Black cargo pants
  • Deluxe Midnight Combat (under high heel boots)
  • Black Hoodie
  • Standard Armour (under body armor in your inventory section)
  • Beret
  • (Aviator sunglasses optional)

The official beret colours are: Continue reading

First randomual RAT congress

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Dear RAT members and supporters, welcome to the first randomual RAT congress

I’d like to start off by saying that it’s a great honour to be your captain. Before accepting my new position, I explained to our now retired captain – for whom we by the way arranged a gift basket, you may sign the card after the voting – that my style of leading involves creating a more flat organisation, which means that all members should and will have a say in how the RAT is governed. I have a few ideas which I’d like your opinions on, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The next CvC battle will be held on May the 17th. No opponent has been found yet, but that won’t be an issue. The extra week will give us time to practise and to organise try-outs. Right! it’s time to vote. RAT member or not, you may cast your vote. Continue reading