Xbox (360) – February Crew Party

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Hey everyone, so sorry this post is late this month has been hectic for me…

So before I start I want to thank Robin, aka Gta (on the SC). They gave me the idea for this months crew party.

It will be a sort of story based party. So I’m sure you guys have all noticed how much fun we have when we just mess around at the parties (during the unstructured parts) so that’s what this month will be.

So we will all jump into our meth vans or caravans what ever you want to call them. Then we drive out to Raton canyon and “survive”. There will be some structure of course. when we get out there we will play a large game of hide and seek in a set area in free roam. Then we will move onto a cliff side fight and then we will do some mountain climbing races and parachuting all while messing around and just having a laugh.

The party will take place this Friday, the 27th of February. See you all there. Also I want to say that sonic has now been named (by me), the official xbox 360 pussi riot event coordinator and shamalamadingdong (ha, ha that’s not a real position) because of his great work at the last crew party. 😀


Xbox (360) – Throwback Party Review

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Sorry this is late everyone. I’ll jump right into it!

So the January crew party theme was throwback. So we all dressed up as characters from older Rockstar Games, it was meant to be in January (obviously) but due to server issues we pushed it back a week.

At the beggining of the night we all jumped into a closed crew session where we got dressed as our characters. They were all really good. I was Tommy Verceti from Vice City, Sonic was Candy Suxx from Vice City, defryc was Zoey from Bully, eltax was a commoner from Red Dead Redemption and there were a few more :). After we got dressed we launched the first playlist. 

This was the worst part of the night. The missions themselves were fun, they were based around past games but this is where server issues kicked in. The games began glitching like mad and eventually we went back to free roam. It was pretty laggy there to and I was seriously considering giving up but I want to give a HUGE thank you to Silver Sonic who was all like

“Bitch please we’re doing this party!” 

And I was all like

“But there’s so much lag”

And he was all like

“Oh hell to the no! We are gonna party!” 

Ok so that conversation never happened but sonic opened a new invite only session and we had our fat single and ready to mingle house party


Okay so it never went as well as this picture but it was fun. We messed around for a bit and then we launched the second playlist which was a great laugh with little to no lag! The jobs in this one were well created and based around memorable game moments. 

Back to free roam this is were the night got really fun! We messed around and partied the pussi riot way, you all know what that means. We blew shit up and had an all out war with each other. Now for those of you that don’t know mine and sonics CHARACTERS (we make a point to letting people know it’s characters) are dating but we’re like, like… eh like Ross and Rachael from friends. We get together then brake up (then kill each other) then get back together then brake up over and over again with a lot of shower sex in between. Anyway we broke up, went to a pool party…

0_0-9 0_0-11 tbcp

I have to say that this was our shortest brake up yet! I always feel bad for defryc when we brake up, he’s like the kid during his parents divorce. A few other things happened here. Sonic and Eltax spoke about their new arrangement, were eltax gets me at weekends and sonic gets me on week days and I was like

“I’m not a child!”

Then they made fun of my Scottish accent again (bullys) but it was all in good fun.

After ths we decided to have a garden party so we all got dressed up in those big ugly hipster dresses…


Unfortunately I never got to stay around for the actual garden party but we’re in pussi riot so I can guess what happened…


Anyway, the night was fun, thanks to everyone that showed up. I think the best part of these parties is always near the end. Sure the playlists are fun and we have a good laugh but when we get down to it the unstructured messing around is what makes them so great.

Xbox One – Solar Storm

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The world’s gone to shit. A recent solar flare wiped out most of humanity and all of it’s power. The US and most other countries have been plunged into anarchy and there is no more government. Now the few remaining survivors must battle it out over the scraps of food and supplies that remain before hunger or famine wipes them out…

If that wasn’t enough to get your attention then what is? 🙂

So I’ve made quite a few events for the 360 and I will definitely make more but I decided that I really wanted to make something BIG for the xbox one. I was looking for inspiration and came across grodys “The Drought” which was very successful. It got me thinking, I love apocalypses and what’s bigger than an apocalypse other than pewdiepie? (I hate him! Why do people care about his stupid oppinions?!) Anyway I digress. Nothings bigger than the end of life as we know it.

In a perfect apocalypse there are zombies but obviously I can’t make them so I chose something else that fascinates me: the sun. It’s bright, beautiful, warm and dangerous. The sun occasionally errupts releasing high energy amounts of radiation also known as solar flares or solar storms. These are often harmless and are just beautiful lights in the sky but on some occasions they enter the Earths atmosphere causing power outtages and other large problems. A very noteable solar storm was in August of 1859 when it was so large it could be seen all over the world and disrupted almost all ways of communication including telegraph. Something of that magnitude would wreak havock on todays world. Fortunately none have been large enough to do this… yet.

So I decided to make a “Major Mini-Game” (I know major, mini contradictive but just shut up :p ). We will be split into two-four groups of survivors depending on how many people sign up. Then we will play through a playlist of missions that I have made that are based around a solar storm that caused the apocalypse.

Sarah Connor

I will post a full list of the missions and the descriptions for each one within the next week (I still need to add some finishing touches to the missions). You can sign up now below or if you want to wait there will be another opportunity to sign up in the next post…

Xbox (360) & Xbox One – Grease!

grease poster


Calling all aspiring young actresses and actores! Roles are now being cast for “Grease!” A pussi riot production, sponsored by pißwasser, because beer is just as healthy as singing and dancing…

Hey everyone! Just before Christmas eltax and I had a joke. We said we should make a movie using the xbox one game dvr. At first we were joking and laughing but then we got serious and spoke about the endless amounts of movies we could make. Then after a lot of laughs eltax came up with grease. We talked and decided that this was the best for us to begin with. Why you ask? Well because like gta it is in LA/LS, we can use the university, we have the cars and we have the clothes.

Don’t worry if you don’t like talking because you won’t need to do any voice acting. We will record the videos and play the movie over it. All you need is your pretty little self. We only have two rules really.

1. You must be on xbox one or 360, it’s better if you’re on one because we can all film and it will look better but if you’re on 360 eltax has kindly offered to film you

2. Have fun. Me and eltax laughed so hard just talking about it and we agreed that this should be fun so if at any point it becomes a pain we will put it on hiatus.

Now to be honest grease isn’t my favourite movie but this will be fun so if you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest that you do.

Like I said earlier it should be fun so we decided that it’ll be more fun if we add a ‘pussi riot twist’ if you get cast as a guy you can go and make a secondary character to play as OR you could try and make your character look like a guy, as in golf bitch by scuba…

It’s entirely up to you 🙂

Every role is available and we still have to sort out some details but please take this opportunity to sign up because like the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm” so we won’t be casting on talent since no one needs to actually speak, we just need to record your characters actions and mouth moving, so those that sign up early will get the better roles.

Do you want to sign up? Do it below, just tick the boxes that apply to you 🙂

Also I found this video today, just… what is this? Look at it:

Xbox (360) & Xbox One – Golf Bitch!

Golf picture

Third times a charm, lets play some golf…

So I tried setting up a golf tournament way back in August last year but not enough people signed up. The other night I was playing golf with Silver Sonic and defryc on the 360 and we had a great time so I’ve decided to try this one last time.

I got my replacement xbox one today which was a lot easier than I was worried about. Anyway I’m not sure if I’m going to make this on xbox one or 360 or both. If more 360 plyers sign up it will be on 360 and vice versa with the xbox one. If enough sign up for both I’ll make it on both 🙂

So obviously you al know how to play golf, what’s that? You don’t?

Well it’s simple you have a golf club and the aim is to hit the ball into the hole using as little shots as possible. Don’t worry if you aren’t very good neither am I, why just the other night I missed a spectacular hole in one by just nine shots, a new record!

Anyway if enough people sign up I will run this on one or both consoles but that just depends.

Fight Club?

Pussi Riot

As you all know, Pussi Riot is all about having fun with friends as suggested by my poorly edited picture above. Actually that makes it seem like we have a little bit too much fun with each other…

But even amongst all that fun people are still people and people still get angry. Now there’s no denying that we have a certain “jenesequa” when it comes to killing, I mean look at REENIX go!

But it would be cool if we could have even more fun killing. I mean don’t get me wrong I love killing all of the poor civilians and unfortunate players with you gals but I think it would be fun if we could fight each other without technically braking our no crew killing rule. Now we can! (But before I go on no grudges allowed, if things get out of hand this’ll be shut down). What is “this”? You ask. “This” is…

Fight club

I know it could use a better logo but I’m tired and I work hard all day long, I demand some respect around here. You always do this Devlin you always start talking to yourself. F*** you, you f***ing wh*** I’ll f***ing kill you!

I’m sorry, I digress, sorry. So yeah, the logo is a work in progress.

Anyway this would be a monthly or bi-monthly event. Were we would get into a lobby make a circle with our cars in the underbelly of the city and fight. We will start by placing a bounty on someone and they will face all opposers until they die. Then we will continue like this, then do team fights and ones with melees etc. As I mentioned before this is just for fun (and $$$) so no grudges otherwise I will stop it and we won’t do this again.