Party time, excellent – Friday 20:30GMT


Calling all rioters! We have a party tomorrow evening. Woohoo

I meant to do this post earlier but I have been very busy on other things. Anyways the party will happen at the same time as normal (8:30pm GMT). A closed crew lobby will be created and invites will be sent out 15 minutes before kick off. Make sure you bring your BMX as we will be riding out to the dirt track for some jumps and bumps. Its important not to attract to much fuzz as they really get in the way of having a good time. So do your best not to shoot anything or anyone while in this free roam lobby. Continue reading

April Crew Party


Hi Gals,

First of all sorry for not being with you lot last friday. I had double booked myself 3 times over. So you were not the only girls I let down.

A massive thanks to Blondie for taking the bull by the horns and jumping into my spot. As she learnt, it isn’t much of a party (for the person in charge) as there’s a lot of management required to ensure the party rolls on. She enlisted a couple of able hands to make the job a bit easier which I think really helped. Well done Blondie! Oh btw congratulations to the Xbox members (Guppy & Kangaroo) for having their first party on friday, that is a real landmark moment in my eyes.Now onto business… Continue reading

GTAV’s Skate parks

Did you know there are loads GTAV riding locations!

This is a look at the Skate Parks in GTA online. There are also loads of choice ride locations in the city for some mad street skillz. I imagine a list will follow this one (in the future) detailing the best street locations. But in this post, I am concentrating on the skate parks. We have found 5  in Los Santos City, nought in the Blaine County area.


I have given each of them names so we don’t get confused; (clockwise) Central Skate Park, North Skate Park, Vespucci Beach Skate Park, Covered Skate Park & East Skate Park. Each has its own benefits although all are better then the grotty East one. That looks like its came straight out of the Projects, so don’t go there. Continue reading