Party time, excellent – Friday 20:30GMT


Calling all rioters! We have a party tomorrow evening. Woohoo

I meant to do this post earlier but I have been very busy on other things. Anyways the party will happen at the same time as normal (8:30pm GMT). A closed crew lobby will be created and invites will be sent out 15 minutes before kick off. Make sure you bring your BMX as we will be riding out to the dirt track for some jumps and bumps. Its important not to attract to much fuzz as they really get in the way of having a good time. So do your best not to shoot anything or anyone while in this free roam lobby. Continue reading


A curious tale of folly, bush craft and the rudimentary principles of flight

Blondie comeback

So… I’m back! You missed me?

I’ve been out of the loop for over three months more or less and so much has changed in that time that it made me wonder if anybody would remember me? Have you forgotten me? Please say you haven’t. I’m Blondie…the Commish? You know…the kooky, crazy, hottie with a penchant for vehicular mayhem?

Regardless of whether you knew me from before or have only just met me, I’d like to think we’re gonna get on even if it means me plying you with booze and showing you a good time at Bahama Mamas. The good news for everybody is that I’m b.a.c.k… BACK… and I have no plans of going away again anytime soon. Promise!!! Continue reading

Parachuting… does anyone play it?

Yo peeps. Been a while since I last posted anything of any note so I thought I would put a post together on an element of GTA most players overlook or fail to take any pleasure from.

I know Sami and myself enjoy this activity (we have even set up a little playlist to keep ourselves out of trouble) But I do hear virtual groans from the rest of you when I suggest it. (Also it has consistently finished bottom of the party polls activities choices when it has been included) which means it isn’t most of your’s cup of tea. Why is that… Continue reading

May Crew Party – How is it going to work?


May’s crew get together on PS3 is getting ever closer and we’ve got some exciting news for y’all…

Last month we trialled a new way of running our crew party. For those of you who couldn’t make it, missed out or were just plain confused, here is a recap of how the last party was set up. Backof ran a closed, crew only ‘entrance lobby’. From there they invited crew members in until the session was full. Once it was full, they designated a rep to begin running the playlists that had been voted for, and invite everyone from the session in to it. This group would then be that particular reps group of players to take care of for the night. Back in the entrance lobby, Backof would then begin to fill it again and repeat the process this time using a different rep. Continue reading