Pussi Riot Matchplay Championship final briefing.

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Hello Ladies. Just before we commence on our first ever Pussi Riot golfing event I thought it may be prudent to explain how it is going to work.

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Pussi Riot Golf top 10 rankings.. June 2014

I have got a new update on the Pussi Riot Golf Rankings. This is mainly just so I can show off. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 18.42.48 In the world¬†ranking a 9 under par will get you in the top 1,500 in the world! So keep at it girls. I would love to see a rioter break into the top 1000 (in the world) but to do that you are going to need at least 1 eagle! This is all to do with our Pussi Riot Match play championship. We current are searching for a few more teams and a few players still need to pair up. If you are looking for a partner this is a good list to pick from…