Golf Sign Up



Hey everyone, some of you may remember a while back I started arranging a golf tournament for the Xbox side, well I’ve decided now is a good time to get started…

So just to remind everyone the tournament is a singles event and there are 8 spaces, 4 have already been taken, everyone should wear a golf outfit and it will take place over a few weeks, much like the tennis tournament. After we finish all of the games we will have a golf themed party. I also like the idea of someone filming the games so that we can make a highlight video.


Golf sign up

There’s really no game like golf, you go out with a few friends to play a few holes and return as enemies.

So I can’t promise that when the tournament’s over you will be very popular if you win… or lose… or even play. Of course I’m just kidding, or am I? But this is no reason you shouldn’t sign up because the winner gets… you guessed it a free piswasser. So if you’re on xbox and want to join in sign up below and have a chance at winning this amazing prize and be sure to read theĀ rules. Also I can’t stress this enough you don’t need to be great at golf it’s all for fun.

Golf, golf, golf!

Hey girls here are the details for the upcoming xbox tournament

I thought I’d let you all know that my golf skill is really improving, I’m missing the ball much closer now. Just last week I missed a spectacular hole in one by just six strokes. That being said here are the details for the upcoming xbox golf tournament. Continue reading

Golf tournament (Xbox)

Hey girls, I hope you’re all ready to grab a stick and hit some balls!

Of course I’m talking about a xbox golf tournament. What were you thinking about? You probably already know that there’s going to be a golf tournament for the PlayStation side of the crew, so I decided to organise one for the Xbox side. It will likely be very similar to the PlayStation tournament but with less players due to the fact that there are less players on the xbox side. The event will be a singles event, not a team event which the PSN side are doing. This should mean we can get going much quicker. Continue reading